The music of Pink Floyd as it was meant to be heard

Having toured since 2007, The Floyd Effect has become rightly renowned for the remarkable accuracy with which it performs the iconic music of Pink Floyd.

All of the band's members are top quality musicians with pedigrees that stretch across all manner of musical genres, and they faithfully recreate the music and intensity of a Pink Floyd concert without recourse to backing tracks, racks of computers, or other technological wizardry. Every note that you hear is played and sung by the band, making each concert a genuine 'live' experience, powerful, immersive and emotional.

Of course, the music is supported by a dramatic light show that incorporates the iconic circular screen, two sets of projections (incorporating some of Pink Floyd's own images and some of the band's own), smoke and lasers.

Unless you were there the first time round, the music of Pink Floyd was never as real as this.

The Floyd Effect is based in Cambridge, UK - the only place that an authentic Pink Floyd show could be.

The Floyd Effect - Mark Horgan Mark Horgan - guitar & vocals

Mark's first guitar belonged to a school friend, but he was keen to have one of his own, so he scraped and saved until eventually he bought himself a black Fender Stratocaster and set out on a few years of guitar-novice, string-twiddling terrorism of his parents, siblings and neighbours. After moving to London, he started to write his own tracks and formed the band Dionysus to play them. Touring their 'Wrapped Like Reptiles' show around the UK, they appeared at events such as The Rhythms of the World Festival, the Rowell Music Festival, and London's Rock Garden. In 2007, he spotted The Floyd Effect's advert for a guitarist and auditioned. It must have gone well, because for the last few years (in his words) "I've been playing some of the best music ever written with some of the best musicians I've ever known.

The Floyd Effect - John Lovegrove John Lovegrove - guitar & vocals

John started playing guitar at the tender age of eight and, in addition to Pink Floyd, claims that he counts Genesis and George Formby among his influences. This suggests that, whenever staring out upon six saintly shrouded men, he at least has the luxury of doing so through clean windows. Not one to be serious for more than a split second, when asked about his decision to join The Floyd Effect he says, "Unlike most bands who only offer digestives, TFE offer chocolate hobnobs at auditions. It's a small point, but tells you a lot about their approach to music and the care that they take to make sure that everything is right. I was really delighted to join the band." John has toured as a lighting and sound engineer with artists including David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Jon Bon Jovi and Brian Adams.

The Floyd Effect - Gordon Reid Gordon Reid - keyboards

Gordon bought his first keyboards during the early days of progressive rock, and spent much of the 1970s trying to play ELP, Genesis and Pink Floyd tracks on cheap monosynths, electric pianos, organs and string synths. Since then, his activities have included writing theme music for BBC Radio, composing an award-winning documentary soundtrack, restoring audio material for several record labels, and working with Keith Emerson in the UK and the USA. He has created factory sounds for synthesiser manufacturers, written synthesiser manuals, and also wrote the series of technical articles that comprise the course text on synthesis at universities in the UK and the USA. Now he's playing Pink Floyd again, with other people, and they know how to do it properly. He got there in the end.

The Floyd Effect - Garry Tyrrell Garry Tyrrell - bass guitar

Garry started by playing the violin and, after a left turn into the woodwind section of the county youth orchestra, discovered the Rolling Stones. His classical studies were duly consigned to the back burner and, with a few chords under his belt, he was asked to stand in on bass in the school band. His professional break came with the reggae band, Steppin' Out. A record deal plus years of recording and touring ensued, and he worked with artists and bands such as The Pointer Sisters, Dr. Feelgood, The Mighty Diamonds, Desmond Dekker, and Paul Young. More recently, he has been involved with the production of a Cole Porter Jazz Revue, a number of pit sessions, and playing bass with an Abba tribute show. He now claims to be 50% Waters and 50% Pratt, although the rest of the band suggest other proportions.

The Floyd Effect - Kerry Howes Kerry Howes - drums and percussion

Kerry started his musical career playing with a Motown band and various function bands. A bass player and talented vocalist as well as a drummer, he was initially influenced heavily by David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, and 1980s American rock bands such as Journey. He discovered Pink Floyd quite late - around 1994, when their double-CD live album Pulse first appeared - and was immediately hooked. He started playing Pink Floyd's music and was soon involved in several tribute projects. "Like a lot of drummers, John Bonham is my musical hero", he says, "but I never tire of listening to Pink Floyd, and the love of playing their music will never go away. I've been doing it since 1997, and I still haven't mastered it to the standards that I set myself. Will I? Probably not, but I'm still going to try!"

The Floyd Effect - Gerard McDonald Gerard McDonald - Saxophone and guitar

Gerard grew up in the heyday of 1970's progressive rock and spent his formative years absorbing the great music of that era. His first instruments were guitars and keyboards, and he only started to play the saxophone by chance. He has now played sax with bands and artists including The Drifters, Terry Kennaugh, Gerry Gillard, and many others. But he never forgot his early love of Pink Floyd and, when the chance arose, he jumped at the opportunity to play their music, touring the UK and Germany with a number of tributes before joining The Floyd Effect. In addition, he writes and records with his partner (and one of The Floyd Effect's backing vocalists) Fiona Ford. Their first album, Leave Everything You Know, was released in 2011 and received enthusiastic reviews from listeners and critics alike.

The Floyd Effect - Tiffany Lovegrove Tiffany Lovegrove - Vocals

Having started singing in clubs at the age of eight, Tiffany joined the National Youth Music Theatre as a teenager and trod the boards on Broadway as well as in the UK at the Royal Albert Hall, numerous West End theatres and the Edinburgh Festival. She studied singing at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux and, after returning to the UK, was spotted by renowned London producer, Replay Heaven. She then became a session artist and toured globally with The Young Punx. She says, "I've loved Pink Floyd's music since I was very young, but I never thought that I would have the chance to perform it as we're now doing. It's not just the wonderful music but the effort the band makes to recreate the complete experience. Performing Dark Side Of The Moon in front of thousands of people is a rare privilege for all of us".


Debby Bracknell - Vocals • Maddie Cole - Vocals • Fiona Ford - Vocals • Julia Krajewska - Vocals

Sound and lighting by: