The Music Of Pink Floyd


Debby Bracknell - vocals

The Floyd Effect - Debby Bracknell

After discovering a talent for singing and playing music at a very young age, Debby knew that she had to be involved in the world of music. She started her vocal training at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, completing an HND in Vocals (and receiving the accolade of most outstanding vocalist of the year) before continuing her studies at the Access to Music College in London.

An experienced and talented singer, Debby is more than comfortable singing most styles of music and, in addition to her own bands, has performed both lead and backing vocals with many successful original artists and bands including Shakatak, with whom she has toured for many years. She has also formed a songwriting partnership with their bass player George Anderson, and together they have released two studio albums and one live album, and are now working on a fourth.

Debby’s introduction to Pink Floyd was a little on the sad side when, at 16, she attended a friend’s funeral. One of the songs played at the ceremony was Shine On You Crazy Diamond, and she says of this, "Although I’d heard of Pink Floyd, I hadn’t really listened to their music. After hearing Shine On it moved me so much that I immediately went out and bought a copy of Pulse. It was an incredible album and of course I played Great Gig loudly on repeat (sorry Mum and Dad!) and I couldn’t wait for the day when I got to sing it live." After seeing a YouTube video of her singing this, The Floyd Effect invited Debby to an audition… and were very happy to welcome her into the TFE family.