The Music Of Pink Floyd


Fiona Ford - vocals

The Floyd Effect - Fiona Ford

Fiona Ford is perhaps best known as one of Joe Longthorne's full-time backing singers and for working with the American singer, songwriter, and actor, PJ Proby. Over the years, she has also toured with numerous theatre shows, and her career has taken her across the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden. In England alone, she has performed at major venues including the Birmingham N.I.A., the Hammersmith Apollo and The London Palladium. Nonetheless, her first gig as a backing vocalist was with a Pink Floyd tribute band, and the love of Pink Floyd’s music has formed a continuous thread through her life.

She says, "As a teenager, I felt that I could really relate to The Wall. Roger Waters' lyrics were so cynical, but at the same time they seemed so vulnerable. This, combined with Dave Gilmour’s soaring guitar solos, made me realise that I’d found music that came from the soul. My favourite aspect of singing for The Floyd Effect is our performance of Dark Side Of The Moon. The backing vocals are such an important part of the album and I love knowing that I’m a part of that."

When Fiona's not touring or gigging with The Floyd Effect, she writes, records and performs with her partner, Gerard McDonald. Her debut album, released in 2011, is called Leave Everything You Know and and has received enthusiastic reviews from listeners and critics alike.