The Music Of Pink Floyd


Gordon Reid - keyboards and vocals

The Floyd Effect - Gordon Reid

Having started piano lessons at the tender age of four, Gordon's bought his first electronic keyboards during the early days of progressive rock, so it's no surprise that he spent much of the 1970s trying to play ELP, Genesis and Pink Floyd tracks on cheap monosynths, electric pianos, organs and string synths. Then he went to university, spent his grant on more keyboards and started a band. Mirage was a real throwback to the heyday of prog, and in the 1980s metamorphosed into the aptly (indeed, too aptly) named Deja-Vu.

Today, having worked in the audio industry for more years than he cares to admit, his diverse activities have included writing theme music for BBC Radio, composing a (very minor) award-winning documentary soundtrack, restoring audio material for several record labels, contributing to the legendary Mellotron album, and working with Keith Emerson and his band in the UK and the USA. He has created factory sounds for a number of synthesiser manufacturers (most recently for Moog Music), has written synthesiser manuals, and also wrote the series of technical articles (Synth Secrets) that comprise the course text on synthesis at establishments such as USC (the University of Southern California) and others in the UK and the USA.

In 2007, he met Kerry and joined the band that would then become The Floyd Effect. So here he is, playing Pink Floyd again, just as he did in the early 1970s. The difference is, he's now doing it with other people, and they know how to do it properly. It took him 40 years, but he got there in the end.