The Music Of Pink Floyd


Garry Tyrrell - Bass

The Floyd Effect - Gerard McDonald

Garry started by playing the violin and, after a left turn into the woodwind section of the local county youth orchestra, he discovered the Rolling Stones. Leaping around his bedroom with a six-string guitar one evening, he was discovered by his parents, who decided it was high time that he "learned to play the ***** thing". His classical studies were duly consigned to the back burner and, with just a few chords under his belt, he was asked to stand in on bass in the school band. He had found his true home.

His professional break came with the reggae band, Steppin’ Out and, with the subsequent record deal, years of recording and touring ensued. Apparently, there was a lot of fun, a lot of travelling, and very little money but, during this time, he worked with artists and bands such as The Pointer Sisters, Dr. Feelgood, The Mighty Diamonds, Desmond Dekker, and Paul Young. Nonetheless, his classical roots (which had led to a 1st class honours degree in music) still came in handy from time to time.

More recently, Garry has been involved with projects such as the development and production of a Cole Porter Jazz Revue, a number of pit sessions, playing the bass with a Europe-based Abba tribute show, and most recently taking on the schizophrenic role of performing on bass for The Floyd Effect, where he claims to be 50% Waters and 50% Pratt, although the rest of the band suggest other proportions.