The Music Of Pink Floyd


Julia Krajewska - vocals

The Floyd Effect - Julia Krawjeska

Performing has always been second nature to Julia, who started singing and playing the piano from the age of four and within a year was playing public concerts and later winning regional competitions throughout her primary and secondary school years. During that time, she developed a life-long love of rock music (including that of Pink Floyd), soon picking up the bass and the guitar, programming synthesisers, and becoming interested in music production.

After obtaining an Honours degree in Visual Performance with Music at Dartington College of Arts, she engaged in a wide variety of performance art and musical works, from creating music for dance and film to writing, co-producing, engineering and releasing her own original music on her own label, along with producing and co-directing her own music videos. At the same time, she was honing her performance skills through many years of experience in bands of all styles, and sharing stages with the likes of The Stranglers, Jethro Tull and The Blockheads.

Julia joined The Floyd Effect in 2014. She says, "It’s always been my dream to perform Pink Floyd’s music live, and do so with a group of musicians of this calibre, on some amazing stages, to amazing fans, with an amazing lightshow - it's like all my Christmases came at once. Every performance is different and exciting, and the level of detail that The Floyd Effect go to in order to recreate the atmosphere and artistry of Pink Floyd is something really special. I’m proud and privileged to be part of it.”