The Music Of Pink Floyd


John Lovegrove - guitars and vocals

The Floyd Effect - Gerard McDonald

A talented player and singer, John started playing guitar at the tender age of eight, and in addition to Pink Floyd claims that he also counts Genesis and George Formby among his influences. This suggests that, whenever staring out upon six saintly shrouded men, he at least has the luxury of doing so through clean windows.

Not one to be serious for more than a split second, when asked about his decision to join The Floyd Effect he says, "Unlike most bands who only offer digestives, TFE offer chocolate hobnobs at auditions. It’s a small point, but tells you a lot about their approach to music and the care that they take to make sure that everything is right. I was really delighted to join the band."

John has toured as a lighting and sound engineer with artists including David Bowie, Janet Jackson and Bryan Adams.