The Music Of Pink Floyd


Maddie Cole - Vocals

The Floyd Effect - Maddie Cole

A professional singer, Maddie began her vocal training at the age of 10 and trained classically at Cardiff University. She has starred in numerous stage shows including Sweeney Todd and We Will Rock You, as well as her own one-woman cabaret. But it was while creating the role of Lulu La Belle in "Let's Do It... Let's Fall In Love" (a Cole Porter revue written by The Floyd Effect's bassist, Garry Tyrrell) that she was asked whether she would like to audition for the band. She jumped at the opportunity, particularly since this would give her the opportunity to sing one of the most vocally demanding pieces in rock music history, The Great Gig in the Sky from Dark Side of the Moon.

"Every time I sing The Great Gig… I close my eyes and allow the music to take over. I have never sung another piece of music like it. There are no words, so you have to use emotion to tell the story, which makes it incredibly draining to sing, both physically and emotionally. It’s no accident that Dark Side of the Moon is one of the biggest selling albums of all time; it requires tremendous commitment to do it justice. When I met The Floyd Effect I was only really familiar with Pink Floyd's most well-known works, but since joining the band I have been introduced to some incredible music."