The Music Of Pink Floyd


Mark Horgan - guitars and vocals

The Floyd Effect - Mark Horgan

Mark's first guitar belonged to a school friend, but he was keen to have one of his own, so he scraped, begged and saved until eventually he bought himself a black Fender Stratocaster and set out on a few years of guitar-novice, string-twiddling terrorism of his parents, siblings and neighbours.

After moving to London in 1989, and spurred on by his first serious encounter with Pink Floyd’s music, he started to write his own tracks and formed the band Dionysus to play them. Touring their ‘Wrapped Like Reptiles’ show all around the UK in good old-fashioned, "back of a Ford Transit van with the gear swaying around dangerously" fashion, they appeared at events such as The Rhythms of the World Festival, the Rowell Music Festival, and London’s Rock Garden.

In 2003, he was approached by the fledgling Pink Floyd Tribute band Pig Floyd, joining them until it disbanded in 2005. Two years later, he spotted The Floyd Effect’s advert for a guitarist. After much soul searching, he plucked up the courage and auditioned. It must have gone well, because for the last few years (in his words) he's been playing some of the best music ever written with some of the best musicians he's ever known.