The Music Of Pink Floyd


Paul Andrews - guitars and vocals

The Floyd Effect - Paul Andrews

After brief flirtations with a few different instruments, Paul finally discovered the guitar at the age of thirteen. He never looked back. Most of his time from this point on was spent trying to find out how to dodge boring things (like schoolwork) and get back to the really important things, like Gilmour, Hendrix, Clapton, Healey, Satriani and Vai!

Four years later, this led him to apply for a place at The Academy of Contemporary Music, from which he graduated as the 'Most Outstanding Guitarist'.

The ensuing years saw Paul touring, doing session work, and... working in a factory. But in the early 2000s, he had the opportunity to start working with a company that made documentaries, and he created many soundtracks and recorded numerous pieces of feature music with them. It was around this time that he also started teaching guitar, and many of his students are now in signed bands and doing rather well!

In 2008, he helped to form a tribute to Pink Floyd but, after ten years, he felt that the time had come for a change and he left to work on other projects. Then the opportunity arose to audition for The Floyd Effect and there was an instant rapport. It sounded good too. Hopefully (he says) the rest will be history!