The Music Of Pink Floyd


Roxy Baker - vocals

The Floyd Effect - Gerard McDonald

Roxy was always surrounded by music and, at just nine years old, she picked up a guitar and learned to play 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica. After misbehaving in class at the Royal Hospital School in Ipswich, she was given the punishment of joining the school choir and told to learn to play the violin. Seven years of string and vocal training and achieving a distinction at Grade 8 meant only one thing… a career in a rock band.

She completed a BA(Hons) degree in music at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, and came away from this with some solid musical friendships and lots of experience, then spent five years in various musical projects trying to further her career. Unfortunately, lurv intervened, touring went out of the window, and music became more of a hobby than a career.

It was around this time that Roxy first experienced Pink Floyd. After giving birth to her first child while screaming along to High Hopes and Take it Back, she felt a strong connection to their music, and was fortunate enough to find a bunch of guys that loved playing it too.