The Music Of Pink Floyd


Sofia Wilks - vocals

The Floyd Effect - Sofia Wilks

Sofia has been a session singer since the age of 14 and turned professional at 16 but, even before that, she had performed for royalty when she was chosen to sing before HRH Prince Edward at the International Convention Centre’s Symphony Hall. Since then, her career has seen her perform as a headline act and also as support on UK tours, and many of the recordings on which she has sung have achieved international success.

Singing has always been her first love and the variation in styles and genres she performs demonstrates this. From pop, soul, country, dance and reggae to rock, she currently works with a vocal harmony group and a 70s/80s-themed band in addition to her solo work and, of course, The Floyd Effect. She says, "My love for performing started at an early age and I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with many talented musicians over the years. I never tire of learning new material, even though some may be challenging. The Pink Floyd track The Great Gig In The Sky was the biggest challenge for me and I get a massive buzz every time that I sing it. To me, it’s always worth putting in the work, and I’m very excited about the projects I’m involved in."

Sofia's love for music has also seen her learn to play several instruments including guitar, cello and even the trombone though, in her own words, her triangle playing is her best by far!