The Music Of Pink Floyd


Tiffany Gore - vocals

The Floyd Effect - Tiffany Gore

Having started singing in clubs across the UK at the age of eight, Tiffany joined the National Youth Music Theatre as a teenager and performed in major shows such as The Ragged Child, The Threepenny Opera and Bodyworks, treading the boards on Broadway as well as in the UK at the Royal Albert Hall, numerous West End theatres and the Edinburgh Festival. At the age of 20 she headed to France to study singing at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux, where she helped to support herself by singing in an English pub! Deciding to move into rock and blues, she then formed a band and travelled around the South of France before returning home to Cambridge to join up with local musicians with whom she sang everything from blues and jazz, to disco, Motown and soul music.

It wasn't long before she was spotted by renowned London producer, Replay Heaven, and became a session artist singing on works by Ezio, Estelle, Chicane feat. Tom Jones, Uniting Nations, Kraak and Smaak, Medcab, Cabin Crew and Cassius. Following this, she toured globally with The Young Punx, performing to crowds of more than 12,000 fans in Japan, America, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the UK. She has since performed at the Glastonbury Festival and even in Trafalgar Square.

Tiffany joined The Floyd Effect in 2011 and says, "I’ve loved Pink Floyd's music since I was very young, but I never thought that I would have the chance to perform it as we’re now doing. It’s not just the wonderful music - like all singers, I relish the challenge of performing The Great Gig In The Sky - but the effort the band makes to recreate the complete Pink Floyd experience, including the dual projections, light show, and lasers. Headlining festivals and performing the whole of Dark Side Of The Moon in front of thousands of people is a rare privilege for all of us".