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"The Floyd Effect have to be the most musically talented tribute band ever. Un-bloody-believable."

Darren Lethem, Radio Magic

"Not only the best tribute band we have ever seen, they are the best band we have ever seen."

Judy Mann

"I've honestly never EVER heard craftsmanship like this in all my years as a musician and lover of music."

Keith Irving

" Unbelievable... I've actually run out of superlatives"

Ken Hilton

" The best band we have ever seen!"

Rosie Chapman

Couldn’t get any closer to Pink Floyd

The Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks, 13 Apr 24

Went with my daughter tonight to the show. WOW amazing, thank you for such a fab time. Superb musicians, your lead singer was incredible, the girl who sang that iconic part blew us away, you guys are truly gifted.

Vicki Jane Baston, 13 Apr 24
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You have an amazing set up, you couldn’t get any closer to Pink Floyd. The lead vocals and his guitar playing were outstanding, as was everyone. And the Great Gig In The Sky (one of my favourites) Wow! I was really looking forward to that song and it was incredible. Thank you!

Sean Taylor, 14 Apr 24
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Thank you so much. That was a first class performance, pitch perfect, brilliant. I must say I was a little apprehensive when you played Great Gig In The Sky with the solo vocals but I needn’t have worried - it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and she smashed it. I have been around music for 45 years playing, promoting and generally involved, and the gig last night was one of the best I’ve seen. Looking forward to the next one already and I will be bringing a lot of people. FANTASTIC 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🎷🎸🎤

Terry Midwinter, 14 Apr 24
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Utterly mind bending

The Tivoli, Wimbourn Minster, 6 Apr 24

Thank you, Tivoli Wimborne. Utterly mind bending, every single one of you. Thank you xxx.

Ann Bradley, 6 Apr 24
By email

Really enjoyed your performance at the Tivoli. Absolutely brilliant all-round band, every one of you, really great set with my favourite Echoes, you guys put a lot of work in, thank you!

Paul Owen, 7 Apr 24
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We have just had the most amazing evening at the Tivoli in Wimborne. You're all amazing musicians and you performed so brilliantly. We will see you next year. Thanks for a great night.

Brian Muncaster, 7 Apr 24
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It was a fantastic evening. What amazing musicians. Second time seeing The Floyd Effect at the Tivoli and even better than the first. Perfect setlist & DSOTM into Comfortably Numb blew us all away. What a solo! Thanks.

Martin Boucher, 7 Apr 24
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By far the best

The Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone, 17 Feb 24

Hi All, Just back from seeing the band in Maidstone. I have seen two other Floyd tribute bands and you are by far the best. You were brilliant. Great sound, great lighting, great atmosphere. Loved the floydettes – the vocals were spot on to the originals. Amazing. See you at Sevenoaks.

Phil Stradling, 18 Feb 24
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Second to none

The Harlington, Fleet, 28 Oct 23

What a night out, pitch perfect and such an enjoyable performance. Do go and see them as soon as you can. The musicianship is second to none, thanks for a great night.

Steve Walker, 28 Oct 23
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Having a ball

The McMillan Theatre, Bridgwater, 16 Sep 23

My bro' and I were there at Bridgwater, I came up from Bridgend he came up from Tavistock. What a great evening. The new fellah looked like he was having a ball and the rest of you too. You don't know how much that translates to the audience. What a terrific set. Thank you for an amazing evening.

Mike Randell, 18 Sep 23
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Truly phenomenal

The Core, Corby, 14 Jul 23

Oh goodness, this was a truly phenomenal show. We were three rows back at The Core in Corby last night and I cannot believe how good they are, what musicians. I never go to tribute shows with high expectations but OMG they sounded the same as the Floyd I grew up with, the lighting was great, the singers amazing. Thank you! Will definitely see you again - so - please come back to Corby!

Marina ('studioartist marina'), 15 Jul 23
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Outrageously awesome

The Wharf, Tavistock, 8 Jul 23

It has been 20 months since we last saw TFE perform, and it was the right time at the right venue to reacquaint ourselves with this exceptional band. We had only seen Dale Taylor on YouTube as the new addition to the band but had never seen him perform live. Any doubts we had about him as a guitarist were swiftly dismissed. What a front man, what a vocalist, and what a truly exception guitarist he is, and he is a perfect fit for such a talented group of musicians. Echoes (tick) Shine On (tick) Money (tick) Another Brick In The Wall (tick) and a master class saved for Comfortably Numb. Dale Taylor is the real deal on the axe and has superb vocal skills to go with it. The ladies were on point during Great Gig In The Sky and the music played through that outstanding sound system makes Tavistock our favourite venue to watch and hear TFE perform. A great night of musical entertainment.

Bob & Nicola Jeffery, 8 Jul 23
By email

Flawless - Saw The Floyd Effect at Tavistock Wharf this July - blown away. Not a note wrong, perfect choice of tracks, great visuals and the Comfortably Numb finale was mind blowing. Can't wait to see them again, come back to Tavistock! Thank you.

Dryden & Petra, 1 Aug 23
By email

I was down by the stage throughout gig. Flipping outrageously awesome, and l speak as someone who's seen Floyd three times starting with the first Earls Court Wall performance in 1979!

Ellie Hudson, 10 Jul 23
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Better than the original

The Pavilion, Exmouth, 29 Apr 23

Saw The Floyd at Exmouth a few weeks back. Excellent band - I sometimes found the band sounded better than the original Pink Floyd - true!

Rick Bushell, 17 May 23
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By far the best!

The Arts Theatre, Colchester, 25 Mar 23

Well guys and girls, you knocked me off my feet tonight. I have been an ardent fan since 1972 and have seen quite a few tributes recently. You are by far the best! What you manage to express is not just the sound but the soul of the Floyd. Not only did I hear it but I more importantly felt it tonight. As for the girls, what a fantastic rendition of Great Gig; the likes of Rachel Fury, Sam Brown, Durga Macbroom and Margaret Taylor have not done better. So thank you for your amazing ability and your amazing energy. We will be seeing you next year without any doubt at all. Thanks - your new best fans. Steve, Colin, Michael and Rachael.

Steve Russell, 26 Mar 23
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The Opera House, Buxton, 4 Feb 23

Just been to show with my teenage daughter. FANTASTIC BRILLIANT!! Thank you for keeping PF forever going. Huge fans. Dale? David? Who could tell? Doesn’t matter. It was definitely PINK FLOYD!

Steve Aylott, 5 Feb 23
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What a fabulous gig last night, what can we say about your new front man? Vocals and playing on point as always. He has awoken something on stage with his great stage presence. The final track of the night... Wow! He lit up the stage. Look forward to the next one.

Neil Boulders Boulderstone, 5 Feb 23
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You never disappoint

Theatr Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, 19 Nov 22

I just wanted to say after the Colwyn Bay gig in November that, once again, you were absolutely fantastic! I really look forward to seeing what albums and tracks you decide to play, and you never disappoint. Really looking forward to seeing you again! Massive thanks & keep up the great work !!

Nick Carnevale, 9 Dec 22
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Totes Amazeballs

The Wharf, Tavistock, 29 Oct 22

Wow, I've seen you in various venues over the years and you get better each year. Tonight you nailed it, the girls were unbelievable, and Careful With That Axe was better than the original. I've seen some poor PF tributes recently - luckily this wasn't one of them. You folks are up there ... just totes amazeballs. I'll be seeing you again in Exmouth next, thanks for an amazing night out!

Phil Bridges, 29 Oct 22
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Just incredible

The Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks, 10th Sep 22

Just incredible! First time of seeing you. Don't know what I expected, but not anything as remarkable as you were. So spot on, I was blown away. Already putting Maidstone September 2023 in my diary. Looking forward to seeing you then.

Tessa Allen, 11 Sep 22
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Awesome, simply awesome

The Carnegie Theatre & Arts Centre, Workington, 30 Jul 22

What a fabulous evening! I cannot thank you enough for a terrific show. Tiffany's and Fi's rendition of the Clare Torrey moment off The Great Gig in the Sky was the best I've ever heard (better even than the Roger Waters show) and I don't mind admitting I had a tear in my eye - just sublime! DSOTM - awesome, simply awesome. Thank you!

Julian Berkeley, 31 Jul 22
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A different level

The Princess Alexandra Auditorium, Yarm, 28 Jul 22

The most amazing show ever. My husband is the Floyd fan and I have endured it for years, but last night was a different level. Everyone was amazing.

Andrea Gutteridge, 29 Jul 22
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Greatest Gig

The Royal Court Theatre, Bacup, 23rd Apr 22

Was a fantastic evening in Bacup. Seen you four times and your talent is outstanding. The ladies did an outstanding “GREATEST GIG”. You know if you get goosebumps whilst hearing songs it shows how close [they are] to the original. Well, it must have been about four or five times. THANKS AGAIN, hopefully see you there again.

Jayson Townsend, 25 Apr 22
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Love you all so so much. We’ve seen you now twice at the Brixham theatre and your performances are amazing, from the music to the lighting and the video. We cannot wait to see you all again. I don’t know how you can give such brilliant shows for so little. Your energy is simply beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. XXXX

Cyn Palfrey, 25 Apr 22
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Outstanding (twice!)

The MacMillan Theatre, Bridgwater, 9th Apr 22

Saw The Floyd Effect last night. Absolutely brilliant show, can’t recommend this band enough. Outstanding from start to finish.

Martin Osborne, 10 Apr 22
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I saw the band at the Macmillian Theatre in Bridgwater last night. They were absolutely outstanding .They are a must see x. Thank you for a memorable experience it was overwhelming x.

Clive Bridgeman, 10 Apr 22
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Can I just thank you for such a brilliant show in Bridgwater last night? You were all amazing, but special thanks to the blondest(!) female singer - she was just extraordinarily brilliant. Will see you again next time you are here. Just one more comment for you - in my opinion you performed Dark Side better than Pink Floyd did when I saw them at Knebworth in 1975.

Mark Painter, 10 Apr 22
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A superb evening

The Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne, 12th Mar 22

Hi TFE, I was at your Wimborne gig last night, the third time I have seen you there. You have gone from strength to strength - just loved the show! And it was the first time I heard Paul Andrews who's more Gilmour than Gilmour! Thank you for a superb evening - I will spread the word, and be back! One of these days…..😉

Ian Swinden, 13 Mar 22
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An awesome set

The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough, 15th Jan 22

You were brilliant tonight at the Castle. This is the second time that I've seen you play there. You played an awesome set. Thanks so much. I'll be looking for other venues you're playing.

Tony Newell, 15 Jan 22
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Just shut your eyes...

Tropic at Ruislip, 3rd Dec 21

They are as good as the real thing. Just shut your eyes and you would think it was Dave Gilmour etc.

Andrew Parker, 4 Dec 21
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WOW !!

Theatr Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, 13th Nov 21

WOW !! We attended last night's show at Theatr Colwyn and I just wanted to let you know that you guys were absolutely amazing!! What a fantastic gig!! It’s also clear how much you enjoy paying tribute to Pink Floyd. During the set you mentioned about changing your set list in future shows. I personally think this current set list is perfect! I especially enjoyed the fact that you play the whole of DSOTM in its entirety. Thanks for a fantastic night. We'll definitely be joining you again !

Nick Carnevale, 14 Nov 21
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Amazing band

Theatr Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, 13th Nov 21

Seen your amazing band four times now. Seen a fair few Floyd bands over the years (Australian one last week in Venue Cymru in Llandudno) and have to say The Floyd Effect are in my opinion so much better than any of them. Keep doing what you do. Amazing band, roll on next time you're in North Wales.

Jay Crossley, 21 Nov 21
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Spot on

The Opera House, Buxton, 25th Sep 21

Saw these guys last Saturday at Buxton Opera House. Absolutely amazing all round - every musician, light show etc. spot on. I was particularly very impressed with both female backing singers. The Claire Torrey rendition is always a pass or a fail, and these two lovelies passed with distinction. We will definitely keep our eye on these guys for future dates. (Get to Manchester, you'll blow the audience away definitely!!!)

Steve Broadbent, 30 Sep 21
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More than a tribute band

The Playhouse, Harlow, 4th Sep 21

We saw you at Harlow. Absolutely AMAZING show/concert. We were blown away by how incredibly talented you all are. Seriously, I was holding my breath at times! You are more than a tribute band. You seriously should be headlining somewhere. I couldn't stop telling people how fantastic the show was! We will definitely love to see you again! If you haven't seen this band yet, do it! You won't regret it!

Joanne Woolnough, 16 Sep 21
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All amazing

The Point, Eastleigh, 25th Jan 20

It is so nice to see a band enjoying themselves on stage. So many bands are wooden and lack atmosphere but you guys were all amazing and I really enjoyed the whole show. It was the fourth time that I’ve seen you and definitely not the last. Please do not change a thing, and thank you so much for all your hard work and passion.

Pete Bridges, 26 Jan 20
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Beyond perfect

The McMillan Theatre, Bridgwater, 30th Nov 19

The venue at Bridgwater is amazing and it compliments the Pink Floyd sound that you guys reproduce perfectly. This was our fifth TFE show this year so we were already well versed with the playlist, and there were some really amazing moments throughout. But if I have to single out one track that gave me goosebumps it was Hey You. There was the clarity and quality of the sound, the mesmerising acoustic guitar intro by John Lovegrove, and the main part of the song which was performed brilliantly by the band throughout. There were many other great tracks but this one was beyond perfect. I would also like to mention Gordon on the keyboards who had a very good night on stage linking everything together with his professionalism and humour. But the best performance of the night was from unsung heroes Kris and Johnny, who handle the lights, projections and sound. The backdrop for you guys has improved month in, year in, and is now at a level of exquisite perfection. It's original, creative, and links everything together very impressively. To all those involved in its creation, you have crafted a masterful spectacle and, as the unsung heroes hiding in the shadows who make it all work on the night, we think it's time for them to take a bow.

Nicola Kemp & Bob Jeffery, 3 Dec 19
By email

Blown away

The McMillan Theatre, Bridgwater, 30th Nov 19

Had the most amazing time last night at the Macmillan Theatre in Bridgwater. We were blown away by the band. In fact the best band we have ever seen! They are so talented. Been talking about them all day. Bless you all.

Rosie Chapman, 1 Dec 19
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The Wharf, Tavistock, 12th Oct 19

From the opening bars of Shine On You Crazy Diamond to the funky guitar playing on Run Like Hell, this was a great night in the company of The Floyd Effect. This iconic music played through the sound system developed by Steve Court (who created the sound system for the original Pink Floyd) was both powerful and clear. For me, tonight's show was a ladies night with vocals of mesmerising quality, Angelic in White, Lustful in Red, and Brilliant in Black. (Those who were there will understand this.) Each time I listen to this band they never fail to deliver. It was an amazing show, and we are so happy to support them wherever they perform. We're looking forward to Bridgwater and Eastleigh already!

Nicola Kemp & Bob the Stalker, 21 Oct 19
By email

Thank you. Just... Thank You.

Cyprus Rocks, 6th Oct 19

I've used the word 'awesome' many times this week, but I should have saved it... [The Floyd Effect] were F@@KING awesome !!!!! and the sound they produced I think just solved the Cyprus problem! My whole body, mind and bones were attacked by wave after wave of lead guitar and bass; I've paid 180 quid to watch Floyd and I would have again just for that. Make no mistake - this was a stadium performance par excellence. They smashed the ball out of the park and to the dark side of the moon. Comfortably Numb means a lot to me - it is without question my favourite guitar solo and hearing it here in a place I love played so superbly well brought me to tears! Thank you, guys. Just... Thank You.

Andy's post, 7 Oct 19
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Will stick in my heart and memory forever

Without a shadow of a doubt (and I know that everyone is in agreement) experiencing The Floyd Effect perform last night was just magical, and almost felt ethereal in the quality and purity of the sound. It was really one of those 'You Had To Be There' moments which made my soul soar in delight and will stick in my heart and memory forever.

Debbie Soper-Yates, 7 Oct 19
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Reduced to tears

Just finished hearing The Floyd Effect. Dark Side Of The Moon played live in its entirety... and I've honestly never EVER heard craftsmanship like this in all my years as a musician and lover of music! Been reduced to tears at just how amazing this lot are. Craftsmanship at its very best!

Keith Irving, 6 Oct 19
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Probably the best live tribute band in the Universe!

The Opera House, Buxton, 28th Sep 19

Probably the best live tribute band in the Universe! Bill and I saw Floyd Effect at the Buxton Opera House last night. Having seen several Floyd tribute bands and many other acts commemorating and copying other great artists we were ready to be entertained but maybe unimpressed. None of the other tribute bands come as close to the original bands they are celebrating as we experienced last night. I have seen the original Floyd with Syd and then many times with Dave. The only time I witnessed Dark Side in its entirety was the Roger Waters presentation at Hyde Park in 2006, with Andy Fairweather Low on Guitar. It was certainly a memorable occasion. However, in the more intimate surroundings of the Buxton Opera House the Floyd Effect set was more captivating and inspiring, especially Great Gig in the Sky. I never thought that I would hear such a good rendition of the Clair Torry’s wordless lyrics! The diving and flying vocals of Tiffany and Fiona were truly magical.

Barry K Vanderhoven, 29 Sep 19
By email

The best £20 I have ever spent

Having seen the Floyd many times I was sceptical about tribute acts ... However, after seeing The Floyd Effect I was blown away by not only the standard of music but the singing and sheer stage presence of all involved. It was the best £20 I have ever spent on any concert and for a nigh-on three and a half hour show I firmly believe the chaps could command a lot more. AWESOME. I look forward to them coming back to Buxton again, not only because all our guesthouse guests went and rocked to the show but so that I can steal a night off and go rocking myself. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

Neale R W, 29 Sep 19
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Fantastic show

Saw you guys in Buxton last night. Fantastic show - I can't wait to see what show you put on next year. This was our fourth time seeing you in concert and every time you exceed our expectations. Watching you perform tracks from The Wall brought back memories of seeing Floyd at Earls Court back in the day. Hope to see you again soon.

Steven Brylowski, 29 Sep 19
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Recalls Pink Floyd's epic stage sets

I've seen The Floyd Effect a few times now, and was lucky enough to be allowed the chance to photograph some of the Buxton gig. The consistent level of authoritative musicianship remains as impressive as ever and blimey, those girls can really sing! The Great Gig was a standout! I've seen the light show evolve as well, and it has become very slick. It adds enormously to the atmosphere and recalls Pink Floyd's epic stage sets. They will be performing close to me next March... I may have to go again!

Stephen Ellis Bell, 4 Oct 19
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Amazing, brilliant, fantastic...

Castle Theatre, Wellingborough, 21st Sep 19

My husband bought two tickets and surprised me with going to see The Floyd Effect. I never really fancied seeing a tribute band, but never got to see the real thing. The theatre was very accommodating for me (being in a wheelchair). It's the first time I’ve been to this theatre and it was lovely. However, The Floyd Effect were absolutely amazing, brilliant, fantastic...... I will be looking out for them and will even travel to find them. The musicians were great and the singers were too. When it came to The Great Gig In The Sky I thought nobody would be able to replicate that, but not only one of them sang but all three of the backing singers did it in turn. It really was like listening to Floyd themselves. The light show too was awesome. Amazing. What a great band. I would recommend anyone to go to see them. Such a wonderful treat from my husband. Thank you so much for giving us both such an entertaining evening.

Sam Burgoine, 23 Sep 19
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Blown away

I don't do tribute bands ever but my dear friend, whom I love and trust, persuaded me to go to see The Floyd Effect. I was blown away by their accuracy and professionalism and by the light show they created in a small provincial theatre! I really enjoyed it. Well done guys... I shall tell others about you.

Lynn Pettitt, 22 Sep 19
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Absolutely fantastic

Arts Theatre, Colchester, 14th Sep 19

Saw you at Colchester last night. Probably seen you eight or nine times now in various venues, but I've NEVER heard you sounding better. The sound and lighting guys were absolutely fantastic right from the start, and so were all of you. I have seen other Floyd tributes, but frankly I think you leave them all standing. So THANK YOU.

Tony Krelle, 16 Sep 19
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Chequer Mead Theatre, East Grinstead, 7th Sep 19

For all those who never came to Chequer Mead on 7th September, you really missed out... the show was awesome, musically and vocally brilliant from the opening of Shine On You Crazy Diamond (which was worth the entrance fee alone) to the encore of a high energy Run like Hell. A shout out to two special people and their performances in the band tonight: Garry Tyrrell and his masterclass of bass playing (especially the funky riff in One Slip) and Debby Bracknell whose vocals were like a voice from an angel. It was a great evening's entertainment in the company of The Floyd Effect, and they had a great evening too; they nailed all the key guitar solos... Time, Another Brick In The Wall pt 2, Money and Comfortably Numb, and the addition of the camera projection to see the guitar playing was terrific. The guys who do the lighting, lasers and projections have produced a back drop of stunning interest. It was immaculate.

Robert Jeffery, 8 Sep 19
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It was brilliant

The Coro, Ulverston, 26th Jul 19

I've just watched The Floyd Effect - Wall Around The Moon at Ulverston's Coro Hall - Brilliant! I've seen a couple of Pink Floyd tribute bands before and they were good but these guys were excellent. Everyone was on point. Loved the playlist, with One Slip (a personal favourite) a pleasant surprise. Others had only touched on The Wall really, but The Floyd Effect played nearly all of it around all of Dark Side. It was brilliant. They need to come to my hometown of Barrow (eight miles further) to The Forum, which is a bigger venue than the Coro. I will be persistently pestering The Forum and The Floyd Effect to make it happen. I look forward to seeing them again.

Carl Baines, 29 Jul 19
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Absolutely amazing

Theatre Royal, St Helens, 15th Jun 19

Went to see the band at the Theatre Royal in St Helens on 15th June and thought that this was their best performance ever (not that we’re biased of course 😊 ). We’ve been to see them several times and there’s always something new and exciting to hear. If you haven’t been to see their Wall Around The Moon tour then go to see it. It’s absolutely amazing with some fabulous re-working of the classic Floyd songs.

Carol & Tony, 16 Jun 19
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Blown away

Parkway Theatre, Cleethorpes, 11th May 19

❤️😁Went with my husband to see the band last night in Cleethorpes... WOW!!! You were simply amazing! Brilliant musicians and vocalists made for a superb evening! Hubby has seen Pink Floyd in concert a few times and didn’t really believe anyone could do them justice but he was blown away by you all! He’s already scanning your tour dates to see when you’re next performing in our region! A massive Thank You from us to you for a wonderful evening! See you all again, soon!

Wendy Woodley, 12 May 19
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Love this band

Arts Theatre, Braintree, 16th Mar 19

❤️🧡💛 love this band. Saw them at Halstead, Colchester, and Braintree and they just get better and better. Different show this year and a different look, feel, and sound. God, the girls were good. I mean they were beyond good, Great Gig was sublime. Those high harmonies made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end - that good. That's not to say the boys in the band weren't brilliant - 'cos they were and also sounded better than ever - but Great Gig was the highlight of the show for me.

Lorraine Wilkinson, 20 Mar 19
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A wonderful experience

Music At The Northcourt, Abingdon, 1 Mar 19

The Floyd Effect makes a worthy tribute to Pink Floyd’s genius with technical excellence, a top notch stage show and every note right on the money. As the eight-strong band kicked off it was instantly apparent that they could really use both their instruments and their voices. Every note was timed just right, every lick of the bass was sharp, each drum beat clean and intentional. I was frankly amazed at how close they sounded to the records that I've listened to hundreds of times. It was a wonderful experience to hear music that I love done both live and perfectly. I was a little worried about The Great Gig in The Sky, but the two female vocalists just blew it away - simply stunning. The generous three hour set simply flew by. This is as close as I’m ever going to come to seeing Pink Floyd live, and you know what - I suspect that side-by-side you’d probably get as good or better a sound out of The Floyd Effect. Smashing.

Daily Info Oxford, 4 Mar 19
See the full review: www.dailyinfo.co.uk

You continue to astound

I just had to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed Friday night. If anything I am sure that night was even better a performance than your previous two visits and they themselves were superb. You continue to astound me with musicianship and dedication to the Floyd cause. I loved hearing Sheep and thought you guys nailed it, DSOTM was stunning once again with the girls just astounding in Great Gig.

Mark Cunningham, 4 Mar 19
By email

An awesome spectacle

The Point, Eastleigh, 26th Jan 19

We had waited in anticipation of the new set and this first show of the year, and we were not disappointed. A beautiful blend of Pink Floyd's greatest hits set the opening with a well balanced song list. It was nice to hear the addition of One Slip from A Momentary Lapse of Reason - a nice toe tapper before the start of The Wall. A blend of tracks was executed brilliantly and the new lighting and graphics made it an awesome spectacle. In the second set, Dark Side Of The Moon was perfection; even the band must have been pleased with that one. They finished off with further tracks from The Wall ending with Comfortably Numb and the usual encore of Run Like Hell. What a spectacular experience it was when the lighting crew hit the mirror ball with all the lights during the guitar solo on Comfortably Numb... it was magical. We are so pleased that we came to The Point to share in this evening. Until next time, respect to everyone connected with the band for a great night's entertainment.

Bob and Nicola, 27 Jan 19
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Truly wonderful

Theatr Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, 1st Dec 18

It's the first of December and you open your advent calendar and what do you get? Well, it certainly wasn't a dodgy tasting chocolate this year... it was a joyous evening in the company of The Floyd Effect. Now, I've seen the real deal (Docklands, back in the day), I've seen Think Floyd, Brit Floyd and the Aussies too, but The Floyd Effect manage to recreate the whole experience on a much more enjoyable and intimate level. A small venue means any mistakes are obvious, but they were amazing, from the light show to the sound (OK, for the first minute my colon was being rattled by the bass) but the sound was sorted very quickly and was nothing short of fantastic. Well done, sound and lighting guys. Everyone seems to enjoy themselves and gives their all, and the choice of Floyd tracks is inspired; it's nice to hear some of The Division Bell for a change. I could rave all night about musicianship and the quality they ALL possess. It was awesome, a truly wonderful few hours, so make sure you see them when they play near you. Come back to North Wales soon.

Gary Stoessel, 2 Dec 18
By email

Well impressed

The Harlington, Fleet, 17th Oct 18

Thank you for performing a fantastic show. I was well impressed; if I hadn't been in the room I could have thought it was the actual Floyd playing. Your music was spot on and, being a massive Dave Gilmour fan, I am now a massive TFE fan. I can't wait to see you all again.

Andy Smith, 28 Oct 18
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592 miles and well worth it

The Wharf, Tavistock, 13th Oct 18

We drove a round trip of 592 miles to see the band at the iconic Tavistock Wharf and it was well worth it. We saw The Floyd Effect at this venue last year, and it was a special evening but tonight’s show was just amazing, spectacular even. The band came together in a beautiful blend of musicianship and it was excellently produced by the guys in the mixing booth, a perfect blend of rhythm and backing highlighted by crystal clear lead guitar solos... it was a night not to be missed. This was the best show that we had seen out of five this year. Congratulations to everyone connected with this band.

Bob and Nicola, 13 Oct 18
By email

Power and soulfulness

The Plume Academy, Maldon, 6th Oct 18

The Floyd Effect can play the whole of the Pink Floyd repertoire, but for 'Marbles' gigs they have always performed the later post-Barrett material, from Dark Side of the Moon onwards, and this concert was no exception. During a concert that lasted the best part of three hours, the musicianship was impeccable as always. These people can play and they can sing. And if the original Great Gig in the Sky led to a lawsuit between singer and band, The Floyd Effect's rendition was altogether more harmonious, performed by two singers with distinct and complementary voices, a combination of power and soulfulness that naturally brought the house down!

The Marble Project, 13 Oct 18
See: The Marble Project


The Opera House, Buxton, 8th Sep 18

Last night at Buxton Opera House I saw, heard and was totally blown away by The Floyd Effect - and what an effect they had on me and everyone else in the packed auditorium. Several tracks from the Division Bell album - followed by a couple of 'greatest hits' in the first set – followed by the entire Dark Side of the Moon and a couple more hits including Another Brick in the Wall and Wish You Here left me totally breathless in admiration of the band’s musicianship and vocal skills. It would be unfair to single out individual members of the band as they were all sensational, but virtuoso performances dominated the evening - and the sensational lighting effects transformed a musical evening into an assault on the visual senses. If the Floyd Effect return to Buxton book your tickets early - it’s going to be a sell out!

G Sellars, Editor, I Love MACC / Community Online, 9 Sep 18

Last year we saw The Floyd Effect at Buxton Opera House and for months and months afterwards I scanned the Opera House website in an attempt not to miss getting tickets for the return visit this year. I did this at least twice a day. I was successful! To say we were looking forward to this event is a huge understatement, we could not wait. On the night I was quite nervous that the best show I had ever seen might not live up to last year. Well! I should not have worried. The show was absolutely wonderful - like last time. Once again the whole thing was such an emotional and exciting experience. The feelings inside were there again. I reiterate - the best show we have ever seen!

Judy Mann, 11th Nov 18
By email

I always regretted never seeing Pink Floyd live but, after seeing the Floyd Effect last night at Buxton Opera House, I can think to myself I've seen the Floyd in concert. The song performance and content was spot on, the light show was excellent. The vocals, both the lead and the backup, was phenomenal. We had an excellent evening and thoroughly recommend anyone thinking of checking them out to do so.

Mark Hatton, 9 Sep 18
By email

Simply stunning

The Corn Exchange, Bedford, 27th Jul 18

The Floyd Effect did themselves and the legacy of Pink Floyd full justice last night at the Corn Exchange in Bedford. Opening with selections from The Division Bell album, the superb lighting and back drop visuals - combined with the impeccable delivery of the music, set the template for the evening. A soaring Shine On You Crazy Diamond was another of many highlights. The second half saw them showcase a complete performance of The Dark Side Of The Moon that was totally captivating from start to finish - hearing it played with such empathy was confirmation that this piece of music remains ingrained in our lives. It was a flawless performance. Encores of Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell completed this hugely enjoyable celebration of the music of Pink Floyd. The effect of which was simply stunning. Catch them where you can.

Dave Lewis, 28 Jul 18
On Facebook

A brilliant evening

The Princess Theatre, Hunstanton, 16th Jun 18

Last night was the third time that I had seen you at Hunstanton and I would like to thank you so much for such a brilliant evening. I was so upset to learn from one of the band that this year would be the last time we see you at Hunny. As I told him, a local petition will be in hand in the near future. SO UPSET. I saw another Pink Floyd tribute band in Kings Lynn last year and I have to say that they're not a patch on you guys. I'll look forward to receiving your emails of where and when you are on and do my best to come and see you elsewhere. Thank you all so much for a great evening.

Jan, 18 Jun 18
On Facebook


The Arts Theatre, Colchester, 21th Apr 18

What a show in Colchester last night. It does not get better than that. Musically and visionarily an absolute dream. The highlight for me was all of it from start to finish! And the two girls with Great Gig In The Sky - wow!

John Taylor, 22 Apr 18
On Facebook

Totally beautiful

The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough, 7th Apr 18

Thank you for the amazing evening and for meeting us afterwards. You really were way, way above my expectations and had me completely roped in all night... totally beautiful guys and gals. THANK YOU very much. We will most certainly see you again. Love from the front row at Wellingborough.

Chele Height, 7 Apr 18
On Facebook

By far the best

The Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne Minster, 24th Mar 18

My best friend and I have seen The Floyd Effect three times now. Last night's gig was absolutely brilliant! Far more enjoyable than Brit Floyd last Saturday! Hope to see you again next year.

Sarah Bredda, 25 Mar 18
On Facebook

Well, I have to say that I have seen a few tribute acts in my time, but you guys were by far the best I have ever seen. Thank you The Floyd Effect for being so kind to my son on stage and for coming to speak to him afterwards. It was his first ever concert and he was worried about going because he had a plaster cast on. He was totally in awe and can't wait to go again.

Melantha Crow, 25 Mar 18
On Facebook

Brilliant from start to finish

The Trinity Arts, Gainsborough, 3rd Feb 18

I thought it was brilliant from start to finish; the girls were superb on The Great Gig In The Sky. It’s the first time I’d seen you play, and it was every bit as good as when I saw Pink Floyd’s original Division Bell tour in ‘94, when they also played the whole of Dark Side of The Moon. Well done.

David Allen, 4 Feb 18
On Facebook

The best live show since Pink Floyd

The Point, Eastleigh, 27th Jan 18

The first show of a new year, and an exceptional evening's entertainment. The set list was well balanced, opening with tracks from The Division Bell, with several favourites getting the toes tapping, then into a medley of iconic Floyd greats including Shine On You Crazy Diamond, plus a big surprise to hear Have a Cigar and Sheep for the first time, extracting all the power and energy of the bands musical professionalism. The first set closed with a stunning performance and guitar solo during Another Brick in the Wall - it doesn't get much better than this. The second set delivered a masterful performance of Dark Side of the Moon, a trademark of this group. The audience loved it, and the three ovations for The Great Gig In The Sky were rightly deserved. Having seen this band all over the country and heard their shows countless times, the evening at The Point was way up there and, at times, the performance was Off The Dial. The chemistry and execution was nothing short of brilliance. The Floyd Effect are a band you NEED to see live; Facebook and YouTube clips just don't cut it. Check out their website and get to see them this year. You will be blown away.

Bob and Nicola, 30 Jan 18
By email

I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea these guys existed. I grew up with Pink Floyd but only saw them live once - in Australia after the release of Momentary Lapse of Reason, so probably over 30 years ago. I only bought the ticket because my wife and I were in The Point seeing something else just before Christmas and I saw it advertised... and this was probably the best live show I have seen since Australia. Seriously. If you love Pink Floyd and haven't seen this band you need to. I will most definitely be coming back, next time with as many old Floyd fans as I can find. Thanks for a FANTASTIC evening. You were all amazing.

Ian Clarke, 30 Jan 18
By email

A truly great night

Club 85, Hitchin, 16th Dec 17

The best yet... it was a truly great night. I'll definitely be coming to a few in 2018, and I'll bring my son and a few mates next time. This is the best tribute I've seen yet - fantastic show, and great vocals from all. It's hard to copy Pink Floyd but you definitely smashed it. Don't ever stop. We all need this to keep it alive. Thanks to you all for a brilliant night out.

Robert Merritt, 19 Dec 17
On Facebook

The Floyd Effect’s effect is to make the original Pink Floyd feel great all over again. And that’s a good thing. So rather than this tribute act being a parasitic, exploitative kind of influence, this band is more symbiotic, it actually adds some value to the host. I found myself looking forward to playing my old Pink Floyd CDs all over again.

Adrian Baldwin, 20 Dec 17

So fantastic as to be untrue...

Buxton Opera House, 11th Nov 17

A late review from us. We saw The Floyd Effect in Buxton and see that they are on again in September 2018. Tomorrow we will falling over ourselves to book this. Our night at Buxton was superlative; in fact The Floyd Effect are not only the best tribute band we have ever seen, they are the best band we have ever seen. That evening was so fantastic as to be untrue. I cannot find words to say how wonderful the whole show was. If you are in any doubt as to whether to go along to one of their gigs then don't wait as I am sure they will be booked up immediately, and you really, really need to see this band!

Judy Mann, 5 Jan 18
By email

I drove over from Sheffield wondering if it was worth spending nearly an hour doing so. My big disappointment was that I'd not seen them before - so much better than Aussie Pink Floyd who I saw about a month ago at more than twice the price. Brilliant show, I'll be seeing them again, lots! Thought On the Turning Away was particularly good but Echoes was the best for me. Big thanks to all in the band.

Chris Johnson, 16 Nov 17
On Facebook

What a fantastic night. Our second time seeing the band and they were outstanding. Thanks again for a fantastic night and can’t wait for the next time.

Andrew Few, 12 Nov 17
On Facebook

On a different level

The Wharf, Tavistock, 16th Sep 17

I have seen many bands in my time and I have seen TFE on many occasions, but on this night they were just unreal, on a different level. This was Pink Floyd on steroids, they were that good. It's not easy to single any individual out as this was an awesome collective performance that left me and my partner speechless. But the dual vocals delivered by Julia and Debbie were totally off the dial. Echoes was played and delivered in such a manner that it sounded better than the original recorded version, while the second set was brilliant beyond belief and Comfortably Numb... well, I have no words to describe how much this impressed me. I had the pleasure to meet the band after the show and, let me tell you, they were drained, exhausted. They had left everything out there on this performance and the crowd appreciated it. Those that attended this show will know exactly what this means. It was a moment in time that will not be forgotten, a truly awesome evening.

Bob Jeffery and Nicola Kemp, 20 Sep 17
By email

Just WOW

The Guildhall, Gloucester, 5th Aug 17

I’d seen TFE a few years ago but with them not having been in this area before I hadn’t seen them for a while. I remembered them being really good... but they were well beyond being really good. They were abso-bloody-lutely amazing. Seriously. If you haven’t seen them - GO. BOOK NOW! The keyboardist might’ve been joking when he said their guitarist beat Dave Gilmour in a soundalike contest but believe me when I say he probably would beat current Gilmour in terms of sounding like he did when the albums were recorded. It would be entirely unfair of me to single out any of the band for high praise individually as each one of them was brilliant in their own right and each was showcased in a number. But they certainly are far more than the sum of their parts, coming together to produce Pink Floyd’s studio albums live. I think I may have to join the large numbers of devotees following this band around the country. YES, they really were that good!

Terence Bailey-Carter, 6 Aug 17
On Facebook

Just WOW. There aren’t enough superlatives for the show at Glos Guildhall. Fiona’s high notes on Great Gig sent shivers down my spine and damn near drove me to tears. Wish You Were Here had me singing and sobbing in equal measure as I held my lighter up for those who had passed. Are you sure it wasn’t Gilmour himself up there in disguise 'cos if it really was someone else he’s the best I’ve heard and knocks the Aussies and Brits into a cocked hat (not to mention the originals during some of their original live performances :-O ) I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for you when you’re next in the area.

Lori Toth, 6 Aug 17
On Facebook

Simply superb

The Northcourt, Abingdon, 28th Jul 17

Well they came back and they conquered again. Just like last year - simply superb and, if I recall correctly, the light show was even better. Another packed house that made it a fantastic atmosphere in this excellent venue. As for the band - truly amazing. I used to think Aussie Floyd were good, then they split and Brit Floyd were formed and they were even better than the Aussies. However they both started becoming big arena bands and getting expensive. The Floyd Effect brings top quality skill and musicianship back to more intimate venues. If you enjoyed the real Pink Floyd then go see these guys if you get the chance - STUNNING. If there was an X Factor for tribute bands The Floyd Effect would walk it. Over to you Mr Cowell!! Oh yes... and I'll see you in Abingdon in 2018.

R Chalmers, 29 Jul 17
By email

The best tribute band

The Princess Theatre, Hunstanton, 1st Jul 17

My wife and I saw your act at Hunstanton earlier this month and it was fantastic. We saw most if not all of the tribute bands when we lived in Bucks, and I saw Pink Floyd at Earl's Court in London when they performed Dark Side of the Moon for the first time, and have to say that your perofmance is the best tribute band that we have seen. Musically it was brilliant and the lead singer's voice is the closest impression of Dave Gilmour we have heard (which is no mean feat). The female singers were excellent and overall it was a great evening. You are a very talented bunch of people. Thank you so much for the entertainment and good luck with the ongoing tour. We hope to see you again.

Steve Jones and Marilyn Reed, 11 Jul 17
By email

I just HAD to contact you having enjoyed the best evening ever. Thank you SO much. I wanted to see you last year at the same venue but that was just not to be. I'm so glad I was able to enjoy such a great evening this year. PLEASE, PLEASE come back to Hunny. I shall keep an eye on your webpage to see if you coming anywhere near to Norfolk in the near future as I would love to see and hear you again. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful entertainment.

Janice Campbell, 2 Jul 17
By email

Absolutely amazing show

Royal Court Theatre, Bacup, 24th Jun 17

Absolutely amazing show guys, felt guilty afterwards only paying £17. Look forward to seeing you again. Shine On.

Ken Brown, 26 Jun 17
On Facebook

11 out of 10

The Arts Centre, Colchester, 29th Apr 17

Thanks for a brilliant evening, we thought you were really brilliant and the girls just blew us away. What a fantastic night - we've become fans now so please let me know when you play Essex again so that I can buy tickets. (If you have a list of dates please send it to me.) Tell the band from a very old Pink Floyd fan - 11 out of 10.

Robert Taber, 30 Apr 17
By email

As good as it gets

The 1865, Southampton, 1st Apr 17

As a show this was as good as it gets. The timing, delivery and recreation of the Floyd sound was faultless, and many tracks took me to places I had forgotten existed as the sound washed over me. The tribute to the fallen icons and the execution of Wish You Were Here brought tears to my eyes - it was an exceptional piece of art. The whole band played their part in what was a wonderful night of musical entertainment. Thank you all, I'm so looking forward to the next time.

Nicola Kemp, 6 Apr 17
By email

Thought we'd give Aussie Floyd a miss this year and come to see you guys instead at the 1865 in Southampton last night. I have to tell you, we were blown away. Note perfect for nearly three hours. Excellent musicianship, what a voice, and your ladies, spot on. Looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks for a brilliant evening.

Ade Neale‎, 2 Apr 17
On Facebook

It’s not every day that you see a tribute act that has so much originality to offer. Although the gig was seated, the atmosphere was superb and the band easily engaged with everyone in the crowd. They started off with Shine On You Crazy Diamond and played classics such as Echoes and High Hopes, which was a real treat for all Pink Floyd fans. They ended the first set with Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2... and it wouldn’t be a Pink Floyd tribute act without Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb, which ended the second set. The Floyd Effect is truly the next best thing to seeing Pink Floyd and I can honestly urge any fan to go and watch these guys perform.

Original Rock (originalrock.net), 2 Apr 17


The Citadel, St Helens, 25th Mar 17

I've grown up listening to Pink Floyd... I've got my dad to thank for that. Dad and I have seen Waters and also the Australian Pink Floyd. They were good, but seeing you guys perform at The Citadel blew my mind, we couldn't get over what brilliant musicians you all are and the girls, well... wow, what can I say!! Credit where it's due, you're all fabulous!! We can't wait for you to come this way again. Thank you for a great night! X

Julie Darlington Crawford, 26 Apr 17
By email

I was at The Citadel last night with my brother who came down from Scotland to see the show, and it was fantastic. Everything about the performance was spot on - lights, music, singing - the best one I have seen yet. Worth every penny. Keep it up.

Alan Ratcliffe, 26 Mar 17
By email

"The show must go on"

Chequer Mead, East Grinstead, 18th Mar 17

I have seen TFE many many times, but never in all those years have I witnessed such a catalogue of technical mishaps that could have unravelled most bands and artists. Projection failures, sound and microphone failures, and a major malfunction on the guitarist's pedalboard that resulted in John Lovegrove sensibly calling a temporary halt to proceedings. There followed some brilliant ad-libbing with Gordon and the girls doing an impromptu dance routine to entertain the waiting audience while others frantically tried to recover the evening with a hasty repair and an offending cable being ripped out and dispatched to the back of the stage. You would think with all that going on that it was a bad night, but far from it... the Show must go on, and it did. A well-balanced set was delivered with professionalism, good humour and exceptional musicianship, The tracks from Meddle showcased every member of the band's ability, delivered with pace, power and precision. I could single out everyone in this band for their contribution on this set - the pulsating rift of Garry on bass, Kerry controlling the drive and the timing on drums, Gordon's haunting organ work totally sublime on Echoes, John providing the rhythm, the girls adding beauty and backing vocals, and the complex guitar work making it an outstanding performance. TFE do not rely on backing tracks and everything is played 'there and then', so the problems had only proved that they are the real deal as a live band. Don't take my word for it, go and see them for yourself. Tracks like Another Brick in the Wall, Comfortably Numb (that was smashed out of the park), Run Like Hell and not forgetting the whole of the Dark Side Of The Moon album were all worth the entrance fee alone. Live music is a once-in-a-moment experience - there are no retakes, and the professionalism of this band was so evident with what they were dealt with on the evening. The anthem of Wish You Were Here, dedicated to all the lost artists of this last year, is still ringing in my ears, executed brilliantly.... "WOW" is what I can say about that. My last comment is for Tiffany and Debby, and how they recovered and dovetailed on The Great Gig in the Sky. The way Tiffany gave Debby the nod and she stepped in was nothing short of brilliance for an avid fan that hangs on every note. Well done to the band, and all of the team. Thank you, thank you all.

Bob Jeffery, 19 Mar 17
By email


The Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne Minster, 25th Feb 17

Unbelievable! I heard The Floyd Effect for the first time last night. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. Terrific music, brilliantly performed reducing me to tears. I did not ever expect to hear this wonderful music performed live in this way. Thank you for a truly fabulous evening. Unforgettable.

Debbie Faulkner, 26th Feb 17
By email

Just seen The Floyd Effect and what a fantastic night it was too. The whole band were technically brilliant and the vocals were incredible. I’ve been a Floyd fan all my life and tonight's performance was as good as, if not better than, listening to the original albums. I’m already looking forward to the next time the band are playing in the area as I will definitely be going to see them again.

Stuart Thorne, 25th Feb 17
By email

We have seen many Pink Floyd tribute bands over the years but this was stunning from such talented musicians. What a treat to hear the whole of Dark Side of the Moon, it blew us away, and the girls brought tears to the eyes with their flawless rendition of Great Gig in the Sky. Also to hear tracks from Meddle was fantastic and something we have never heard covered before. We will definitely be back to see the band again.

Alan & Elaine Tompkins, 25th Feb 17
By email


The Empire Theatre, Halstead, 18th Feb 17

We have just returned home from a fantastic night at the Halstead Empire watching The Floyd Effect. To call them a tribute band doesn't do them justice. They are all stunning; no weak links. The two backing singers also incredible. Huge respect to you all.

Pamela Blackbourn, 19th Feb 17
By email

What an amazing show! First time seeing you but was like seeing the real thing. Fantastic talent. Can't wait to see you again.

Susan Williams, 19th Feb 17
On Facebook

This had to be THE best show I've seen at the Empire. From bass vibrating through the floor to amazing top notes on the sax, the music was spot on and all accompanied by a brilliant light show. FAB-U-LOUS!

Lorraine Wilkinson, 19th Feb 17
On Facebook

Absolutely brilliant

Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight, 11th Feb 17

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Pitch perfect. Very entertaining and indistinguishable from the original band. Very talented musicians, with a superb light show. They raised the roof. Oh... and the backing singers' solos were off the scale. A very well thought out set. They played some of the earlier material that I hadn't heard before which has switched me on to some of the pre- Wish You Were Here albums. Thank you for coming to Port Sunlight and entertaining us.

Martin P Craven, 12th Feb 17
On Facebook

Me and my husband came to see you tonight at the Gladstone theatre, we were in the front row. I'm not into Pink Floyd but my husband loves it - well... that was until tonight. I think I'm going to start listening to it a bit more. I think you need to start playing arenas. You need to come to Liverpool, even if it's not the Echo Arena, come to the Everyman Theatre. You smashed it! Can't wait to see you all again.

Maria & Rob Irwin, 12th Feb 17
On Facebook

Best tribute band I've seen, and I've seen the lot.

Gary Fosberg, 12th Feb 17
On Facebook

What an amazing experience we had last night in the Gladstone Theatre. Absolutely Fantastic Tribute Band. Every bit as good as Pink Floyd. Top drawer.

Scott Griffiths, 12th Feb 17
On Facebook

All I can say - I was totally blown away by your concert tonight. I have seen other tribute Floyd bands but you guys were amazing, and funny as well! Just a total fabulous show. I felt I was having my own concert with the real Floyd, no lies! Girls' voices outstanding! Three hours - how did you do it? Got to see you again. Well done - first time - totally converted.

Susan Gillies, 12th Feb 17
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Tropic At Ruislip, 3rd Feb 17

I saw you play for the first time the other night in Ruislip and you were BRILLIANT!! I've been a huge Pink Floyd fan for many years and your early Floyd set was something very special, and very well performed. To put it simply, you are a brilliantly rounded band. The keyboardist was just awesome! Rick Wright was such a genius and his work shone through your performance. But really, the whole band is clearly talented. Epic playlist, all of it was bang on the money. I envy those who saw the Pink Floyd in their day, but it's the likes of you who help bring that magic to the likes of me. THANK YOU. Keep going, you ROCK!

Nick Hayles, 12th February 17
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You will be elated

The Point, Eastleigh, 28th Jan 17

I saw The Floyd Effect at The Point in Eastleigh. I had the good fortune to see the original Pink Floyd twice, first in 1970 at the Bath Blues Festival (Atom Heart Mother) and at Earls Court (Dark Side of the Moon). The Floyd Effect are equally as good as the original line up and, with the intimacy of the venue, it’s like being in the front row. They were stupendous. I would urge any Floyd fan to make the effort to see them. You will be elated. We’ve rebooked for Southampton on 1st April (turn up the controls – louder please!). I also saw the Australian Pink Floyd at Beaulieu, OK but forgettable. Well done, you might be a tribute band but what a tribute band.

Nick Rose, 7th March 17
By email

Just saw your gig at The Point folks, amazing, you clearly put your heart and soul into this, Thank you for a great night! Totes Amazeballs!

Phil Bridges, 28th January 17
On Facebook

Guys and Girls - superb! You engaged the audience musically and socially. I enjoyed this evening far better than that which we spent in the company of Australian Pink Floyd. Aussie PF roll over - there is a band coming!

John Mark Williams, 30th January 17
On Facebook

Amazing! Thanks for a brilliant evening! Always wanted to see and hear you play One Of These Days and Echoes. Cracking versions, and the whole show was fantastic! Look forward to seeing you again my friends!

Kevin Leo Welch, 29th January 17
On Facebook

Just saw you at The Point in Eastleigh. You absolutely nailed it! And actually made me cry at one point. Thank you guys and girls. You were immense. xx

Danae Hamling, 28th January 17
On Facebook

What an incredible night. Thank you so much. Great authentic sound. Lovely to meet a couple of band members afterwards and thank them personally.

Jood Gubbins, 28th January 17
On Facebook

So nice to see a band enjoying themselves. Great show and great atmosphere. Loved all of it. Thank you.

Pete Bridges, 28th January 17
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The Corn Exchange, Bedford, 16th Dec 16

Stunning show at the Bedford Corn Exchange last night. Vocals so like Gilmore himself it's uncanny. Whilst Another Brick in the Wall pt2 was as perfect as you'll ever hear - was the highlight of the night for me. Look forward to seeing you guys in 2017.

Chris Gore, 17th December 16
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The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford, 12th Nov 16

I've just seen TFE at the Courtyard in Hereford. I saw Pink Floyd at Earl's Court perform The Wall and since then I never thought to see a performance to beat it... Until tonight. The band were absolutely on fire. The whole show was a masterful tribute to my favourite band. Thanks guys and girls. A great night.

Colin Farr, 13th November 16
By email

Truly breathtaking

The Picturedrome, Holmfirth, 22th Oct 16

I was never fortunate enough to see Pink Floyd live. Tonight my wife and I made the journey over the moors from Oldham to Holmfirth to watch The Floyd Effect, and I can now honestly say, "I have seen Pink Floyd play live". What a phenomenal band you are, we sat in awe of your amazing talents. A truly breathtaking show. You will be highly recommended by us in future, and we cannot wait for you to visit again. The Floyd Effect are masters of their art. Thank you all for a very very memorable evening of pure class.

Gordon and Amanda Haigh, 23th October 16
On Facebook

I echo every word of that. I was honestly amazed at how good you guys were... and I have seen the real lot, too.

John Mason, 23th October 16
On Facebook

It's a show that you cannot miss. Absolutely brilliant.

Stef Ptycia, 23th October 16
On Facebook

Truly awesome

The Globe, Cardiff, 8th Oct 16

Hello - I'm Mike. My son Jac and I saw the band on Saturday at the Globe in Cardiff. All I can say is that it was truly awesome; I don't see how you could get better than that. The venue was snug so everything was up close and personal and the sound guys did an amazing job of getting everything balanced. I've seen Floyd three times over the years and Jac and I have seen various tribute bands including our antipodean friends (who incidentally we will be seeing this coming Saturday) but I doubt that the standard will match what we experienced with The Floyd Effect. Your first time in Cardiff but not your last I hope; look forward to seeing you all again - long may you Shine On.

Mike and Jac, 13th October 16
By email

A total joy

The Opera House, Buxton, 16th Sep 16

Just a short note because it deserves to be said... I had the great fortune to be at the Buxton Opera House on Friday night with one of my daughters - me a Floyd fan of 20 years plus, my daughter only knowing well-known tracks like Money and Another Brick in the Wall. It was the first time for both of us watching your performance, and I have to say you were brilliant throughout, thoroughly entertaining and everything was spot on; sounds, lights, effects and mixing was on the money. My daughter went straight out and got a CD of Dark Side Of The Moon which shows what an impression you made. As an old fan, I know Floyd's tracks well enough to spot inaccuracies, but watching you guys was a total joy, and the backing girls (it's always a very very difficult task to find the singers with the vocal power and range to do Floyd tracks properly) were great and were clearly having a ball. Their singing of the female sections of Floyd's repertoire was truly excellent, and they had the power and range to carry their parts off brilliantly, which is a tough job against loud drums, guitars, and organ/synths. So very many thanks for a brilliant performance and a really fantastic and memorable night. See you again in the future.

Geoff and Emma Berndt, 17th September 16
By email

Far too good to be called 'a tribute'

The Wharf, Tavistock, 10th Sep 16

Was gratefully present at the Tavistock performance. It was ridiculously brilliant... faultless? I can assure anyone that the concluding Run Like Hell was actually better than anything I've ever experienced by the actual (and rightfully deified) Floyd themselves. The entire Dark Side of the Moon? Beautiful. I will always remember my gorgeous lady standing before me, her hands back into my pockets as I wrapped her in my arms, her head back for me to kiss her forehead as many a glorious moment by the band was achieved. It was real, it was electrically full-on, and the two white-gowned ladies doing the vocals on The Great Gig in the Sky.... umm... experience it for yourselves because it was beyond simply exquisite. I THANK YOU! A truly great night. We didn't come down [from our high] for two days, at the end of which we could hardly organise a thought, let alone a career. Bliss.

Drew Smith, 13th September 16
On Facebook

At the sell-out ‘Floyd Effect’ gig at The Wharf, a fellow fan said he had been to every original Floyd concert in the UK since 1972. From that I gathered he was an objective commentator and, like me, he felt that The Floyd Effect are far too good to be simply described as a tribute. He also made an interesting comment about the sound; he was used to hearing Pink Floyd through their massive touring sound systems, but the sound at this gig was so much better - the highs had a better clarity and the bass was exceptional - adding that the sound was absolutely breathtaking! It's not surprising really. One of the co-owners of The Wharf is Stephen Court, who designed and built those mighty speaker stacks that you see on stage. Stephen has worked with, and is a colleague of Alan Parsons (Producer of Dark Side of the Moon and much, much more), so you begin to understand the pedigree of what you see and hear at The Wharf, and it's every bit worthy of this great band.

Nigel Follett, 12th September 16
On Facebook


Tribfest, 19th Aug 16

Just got back from Tribfest. Watching you guys was unbelievable, I closed my eyes and I was back in the 70s. Will be looking out for gigs in my area. Keep up the great work.

Nigel French, 22nd Aug 16
On Facebook


The Playhouse, Norwich, 13th Aug 16

OMG Floyd Effect - simply amazing. Had a brilliant time at The Norwich Playhouse. I can thoroughly recommend going to see them, you will not be disappointed.

Lois Sims, 14th August 16
On Facebook

Easily the best

Trinity Arts Theatre, Gainsborough, 6th Aug 16

Absolutely superb gig. Easily the best tribute band I've ever seen and such talented playing. I particularly wanted to hear those hugely pretentious Floyd guitar solos and boy, were they hot, oh yes; better than the 'real thing'. Magnificent performers, each one of the band, and they all looked like they wanted to be there, having a great time in what is our local and quite compact venue and creating such a solid and chunky sound. Thank you - and I do hope to be able to see you again. All the very best for the rest of your tour.

Phil (almost the oldest rocker in town), 7th Aug 16
By email

The best I've ever seen

The Northcourt, Abingdon, 29th Jul 16

As per all the other reviews - a brilliant night performed by a brilliant band. I haven't seen them before (I've seen others) and from the info they mentioned at the start of the gig, it was the busiest night the venue has ever had. It goes to show the power of good music and the draw it can have - I can't imagine anyone went away disappointed. It really looked like the band were enjoying themselves - especially the female contingent. I always consider the vocals on The Great Gig In The Sky set a benchmark, and they performed it faultlessly - plenty of emotion. Of course, Comfortably Numb is a classic with probably one of the top five rock guitar solos of all time, and once again the band performed it exquisitely. If you get the chance to see them, GO - I hope they come back to Abingdon again - a brilliant night and good value for money.

Bob Chalmers, 31st Jul 16
By email

Having never seen Pink Floyd live, I like to go to see tribute acts whenever I can and The Floyd Effect is by far - by a long way - the best I've ever seen. Dark Side Of The Moon is the one CD that is permanently in my car and I never tire of listening to it so, when the band came on stage and played it in full, I was knocked out. The highlight for me had to be The Great Gig In The Sky and I was reduced to tears because that song was played at a very dear friend's funeral and was just awesome. Thank you all for making a nearly 60yo man relive his youth.

Ged Bowers, 31st Jul 16
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Absolutely brilliant

Arts Theatre, Braintree, 23nd Jul 16

The Floyd Effect were absolutely brilliant. I closed my eyes at one point and thought I could have been listening at home on my headphones!!! The whole of Dark Side Of The Moon was played after the interval and woah... it was brilliant. Standing ovations for the girls after their solos in Great Gig In The Sky ... superb. A group of highly talented musicians, who look like they are doing something they love and are extremely good at it!! If you get the chance, go see them. You will not be disappointed.

Mike7692, 26th Jul 16
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What a venue (the acoustics were first class), what an audience, what a performance and what a band. All in all a brilliant evening's entertainment. The reason I come to listen to you guys is the original Pink Floyd on vinyl or CD does not have the power, drive and electricity that you guys generate in your performance. I would pay an admission fee just to hear those last two tracks, as no words can describe just how good and how powerful they come across.

Bob Jeffery, 24th Jul 16
By email

Utterly sublime!

Wycombe Swan Theatre, 2nd Jul 16

Saw you guys at Wycombe Swan a few weeks ago. Sublime... utterly sublime! Excellent musicians, accurately and beautifully reproduced Floyd tracks, which remained true to the REAL Floyd pretty-much throughout (never a great fan, post-Waters). GREAT backing singers. Keep it up... and more London-based gigs please! See you again soon.

Nick Timms, 12th Jul 16
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The Tropic at Ruislip, 24th Jun 16

What a fantastic night! A brilliant tribute band. Over three hours of great entertainment... thanks.

Stephen Bailey-Kennedy, 29th Jun 16
By email

Great show

The Arts Centre, Colchester, 18th Mar 16

Seen Aussie Floyd eight or nine times including at Wembley and I have to say - you were much better! Great show and great fun - will be seeing you again!!

Simon Green, 19th Mar 16
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Absolutely bloody perfect

Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne Minster, 13th Feb 16

Have just been to see this ‘tribute’ band, and if you only see and hear one band, not just tribute bands, make it this one. The music, lights and show is absolutely bloody perfect. Guitars, Vocals and Solos all top notch. Well done, not just to the band but the stage crew too. Spot on. When are you back?

Peter Inglis, 17th Feb 16
By email

Fabulous, superb, amazing... awesome!

Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne Minster, 13th Feb 16

OMG! Amazing! The guitar solo on Comfortably Numb was even better than Gilmour himself!! Fabulous night, superb musicians!!

Nick Granger, 14th Feb 16
On facebook

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Saw your amazing show for the first time last night at the Tivoli. Amazing fidelity to the original numbers.Towering guitar solos !! Great videos and lasers !! Also a lovely bunch of guys enjoying themselves ... and the girls were beautiful with amazing voices. Come back soon !!

Ed Billen, 14th Feb 16
On facebook

We went to see The Floyd Effect in Wimborne Minster last night and we were completely blown away by how brilliant they were. They sound exactly like the real thing. Voices, singing and instrumental were top notch. A truly professional show and cannot wait to see them again. Will go to see them when they are back in the south again. Awesome!

Susan Holmes
On facebook

Saw The Floyd Effect in Wimborne last night. Faultless performance. I would like to think I am quite critical having played guitar from an early age (or tried) ... and wasn't sure how good it would be, but it was truly amazing with great attention to detail and superb musicians. Excellent!

Alan Smith
On facebook

Please pass on our thanks to the band for the best live performance we have seen in a very long time. It was a real pleasure to listen to skilled musicians with a sense of humour. The smaller venue added to the experience, the whole event felt it was was put together to be appreciated for the music. Much better than other Pink Floyd tributes, less showmanship and more personal. We hope you will come back to the Tivoli.

Sue, Steve and Michelle from Ferndown
By email

... effectively Pink Floyd

Club 85, Hitchin, 27th Dec 15

As far as I am concerned, The Floyd Effect has rewritten my rule book on tribute acts - the band is as worth seeing as any 'original' outfit; in fact it’s far better than many [and] superb value for money. There were a handful of occasions when I shut my eyes and just let the music wash over me. In these moments, I swear I could have been listening to Gilmour, Waters, Wright & Mason - in a linguistic twist, The Floyd Effect was effectively Pink Floyd. And I don’t think I can recommend this band more than that.

Adrian Baldwin, 2nd Jan 16
Full review here: www.adrianbaldwin.net

The bomb

The Brindley, Runcorn, 21st Nov 15

They are amazing. The best tribute to the Floyd I've ever seen and I've seen the lot. These are the bomb. If you can go... go!

James Thomson, 22nd Nov 15
On Facebook

Absolutely AMAZING gig at the Brindley last night! I was so impressed by the fact that it was perfectly replicated note by note. And all the singers sounded exactly like the real people! Perfect! :-D (Better than the Aussie Floyd.)

LuLu Rayner, 22nd Nov 15
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Ridiculously Good

Theatre Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, 7th Nov 15

To paraphrase, 'The band is fantastic, that is really what I think'. In all the times I have seen you perform the Dark Side of the Moon set, this was the most complete ever, performed, delivered and executed to perfection. Ridiculously Good is almost an understatement. The guitar solo on Money was absolutely outstanding, and they smashed it out of the park. Tiffany's and Fiona's vocals throughout were exceptional and they fully deserved the three ovations that that received during and at the end of The Great Gig in the Sky. Tracks such as Another Brick in the Wall, Dogs, Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell were delivered by one tight outfit. You all do justice to the memory of Pink Floyd and, as long as you keep playing, your audiences across the country will keep listening. You perform to such a high standard that I am sure that you will remain the premier Pink Floyd tribute band worldwide, and your speciality of the Dark Side sets you apart from the rest. I felt totally entertained.

Robert Jeffrey, 8th Nov 15
On Facebook

This group sounded just like the real thing, and their two female backing singers were cosmic! Absolutely loved the gig, you lot rocked the house, see ya in Runcorn. x

Ste Binns, 8th Nov 15
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What a show...

Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, 3rd Oct 15

What a show, what a performance and what a find in the new stunning female vocalist Debbie Bracknell, the perfect pairing with Tiffany Gore. Where do you find them - smashed it out of the park.... Respect to all.

Robert Jeffrey, 5th Oct 15
On Facebook

We were at your concert on Saturday night and had an absolutely fantastic time. You were all brilliant, as were the effects and lighting. If we had paid twice as much for our tickets we would still have thought it was great value and well worth it. Thank you so much and please play here again very soon!!!

Wendy and Peter Worrall, 5th Oct 15
By email


The Wharf, Tavistock, 12th Sep 15

Just a quick 'thank you' for last night at the Tavistock Wharf. Your performance was jawdropping. Hope to see you again. Cheers.

A very happy Geordie, 13th Sep 15
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The Playhouse, Norwich, 10th Aug 15

Had a fantastic time at your Norwich Playhouse show. I thought that the whole performance was so close in quality to the real Pink Floyd - and I saw them live at Paris Chateau on their Division Bell tour in 1994. Your Comfortably Numb was faultless... the whole gig was excellent! Thanks - I will look out for you when you're here in Norwich again...

Anthony Woodward, 12th Aug 15
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Seventh heaven

Royal Spa Centre, Leamington, 13th Jul 15

As a fan of Pink Floyd's music I felt compelled to come as I knew I would never get the opportunity to see Pink Floyd live. I'd read such outstanding reviews for The Floyd Effect, actually where they were beating reviews even for The Australian Pink Floyd, that despite being a purist, I felt I should come and see them for myself. I was not disappointed. What an outstanding performance. The band was such a talented group of artists, with a formidable frontman delivering breathtaking vocals, a sax player to envy, and backing singers that seemed to make the whole show vivid and vibrant, they delivered such a wonderful live experience of Pink Floyd's music that I was quite on seventh heaven.

Mali G, 29th Jul 15
On Trip Advisor

Just saw The Floyd Effect at Leamington Spa tonight. As a fussy purist, I can say I've been converted utterly to giving good tribute acts a chance. As I'll never see Floyd in concert, I went along to The Floyd Effect's gig and came away satiated and fulfilled. The band are outstanding musicians and vocalists, and show complete integrity in their performance... magnificent performance... of Floyd's work. Thank you for what I can only describe as an outstanding live experience of the Pink Floyd music I love so much. We came away ecstatic. (What a gig!!!! I'm now a complete tribute band convert. Thank you for an absolutely mind-blowing and joyous concert. We will be looking out for you and talking about you. I wonder if you know just how good you are.)

Amalia Grassi, 14th Jul 15
On Facebook

Enjoy it???? It was bloody awesome, guys. I'll definitely be coming to see you again next time you play near my home town of Coventry. Well done to you all - excellent show. Until next time SHINE ON.

Paul Jones, 14th Jul 15
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Could be the real thing

The Marble Project, Maldon, 25th Apr 15

The dictionary describes ‘tribute’ as a ‘thing said or done or given as a mark of respect or affection’ and it is in this literal sense that The Floyd Effect are a tribute to Pink Floyd. Not an impersonation, an impression or a pastiche: what you have here are seriously gifted musicians and singers giving their own interpretations to the songs of Messrs Waters and Co in a way that is true to the original without feeling the need slavishly to follow the records. A genuine tribute. With some fun along the way. The first half consisted of a selection of Pink Floyd songs from the post-Syd Barrett era, beginning with Shine on You Crazy Diamond and including Welcome to the Machine, High Hopes, Sorrow and Dogs of War before ending with a selection from The Wall. The musicianship was exemplary, creating a tight, full-bodied sound that filled the venue and was complemented by the highly professional video graphics and light-show. The audience loved it. At the front the dancing began... The second half was even more of a treat, with the band playing the whole of The Dark Side of the Moon album. This is no mean undertaking given that it is, in the opinion of many, the best album ever made and that audiences know every note and won’t appreciate the music being mistreated; Gordon Reid’s jokey reference to pausing to turn over the record reminded many of us how long this seminal work has been part of our lives. And then there is the small matter of The Great Gig in the Sky. Some of the audience looked nervously on at this point, wondering whether this would be the moment where it would be necessary to make allowances, whether it was even possible in a live setting to recreate anything that could do justice to Clare Torry’s spine-tingling original. Apparently it is. And then some. Maddie, Tiffany and Roxy gave it their all, were sensuously, fulsomely and delicately note-perfect and earned themselves a huge ovation at the end. The Dark Side was a triumph from start to finish and followed by the surprise but welcome inclusion of Louder Than Words from the recently released The Endless River album, as well as the more familiar Wish you Were Here. The gig ended, as any Floyd gig should, with the haunting, anthemic Comfortably Numb [and a rousing encore of Run Like Hell]. From vocals to guitars, keyboards to drums not forgetting a truly sublime sax: the band is just fantastic – that is really what I think. If it wasn’t that they seem to like each other, and to be having fun, they could be the real thing. The audience caught the mood, and for the first time in their eight year history the band found themselves playing to a mosh pit. Something in the special lemonade being sold downstairs clearly.

Brainy Keith, The Marble Project, 27 Feb 15
By email

Oozed quality

The Playhouse, Harlow, 26th Feb 15

Thank you for a brilliant evening. I was lucky enough to be at the Harlow Playhouse last night to see this fantastic gig which oozed with high quality musical talent from every member of the band, backed by a brilliant light show. Every PF song was spot on and performed faultlessly sounding uncannily like David Gilmour, a hundred times better than sitting at home listening to my PF albums. Simply outstanding - loved it, didn't want it to end. Roll on the day you return, it can't come too soon. Thank you again.

Barry James, 27 Feb 15
By email

Spent a whole day teaching about George Orwell’s Animal Farm amongst other things, talking about teenage isolation with students. Then The Floyd Effect brought sound and imagery to all that was discussed. A moving experience and exceptional musicianship - the perfect company to a day of thinking! To hear Dark Side... performed was hair-raising. I have already spoken to other members of staff today about seeing The Floyd Effect. Worth every penny. Thank you.

Mr. S.Springthorpe, 27 Feb 15
By email

Listened with awe

Chequer Mead Theatre, East Grinstead, 21st Feb 15

Another year, another night of exceptional musicianship from the undeniable No. 1 Pink Floyd Tribute Band, the Floyd Effect. This band captures the true identity of Pink Floyd and delivers a performance that takes you back in time to the heady days of Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall and other major Floyd albums. Stating this is easy, but you need to be there to truly understand what they have to offer, and what they give personally and professionally in equal measure - a band dedicated to the memory of Pink Floyd. I defy anybody to find two better vocalists anywhere on the Pink Floyd scene than Tiffany Gore and Roxanne Cawdron whose abilitiy, timing and delivery on the iconic track The Great Gig in the Sky was unbelievable. Having listened to them many times before, I did not think that they could get any better but this was without doubt a vocal masterclass. Not even the original singers could perform it as well as this now. The guitar work was also outstanding, especially on tracks such as Dogs, Money, Comfortably Numb and my favorite song from their live set, Run Like Hell. I,m looking forward to Thursday's gig in Harlow, and to all those that have not yet had the pleasure of seeing TFE, I say - go see them as you will be well impressed at what you see and hear.

Bob Jeffery, 25 Feb 15
By email

I saw The Floyd Effect for the first time in Redhill in 2013, somewhat expecting a poor, under rehearsed, amateur production... How wrong could I be? Having been lucky enough to have attended one of Pink Floyd's shows at Earls Court in 1994 and, having seen The Australian Pink Floyd at The Royal Albert Hall, I thought no tribute band was ever going to get really close to the original. Initially I was surprised at how good the introduction was to The Floyd Effect's first song Shine On You Crazy Diamond was but, as the song progressed, I began to realise that The Floyd Effect are no tin-pot band. I listened with awe at the pure accuracy of all the members of this magnificent outfit, but I hadn't anticipated the power and feel of the two female singers on The Great Gig In The Sky. Ye Gods! After Tiffany Gore had finished her magnificent vocals (with rapturous applause from the audience while the song was still in flow), Roxy Baker achieved the same standard, precision & power as Tiffany! I whipped out my mobile phone and managed to film and record the sound of Money and Us and Them, believing that, once the show had ended, the playback would show their true colours as NO recordings of tribute bands are any good. Wrong again! The recording was every bit as good as the live show and I knew had to see them again...soon. The following week they were playing in Gravesend so, this time, I took my girlfriend with me. The audience and band were seriously 'Rocking'... 'specially you naughty girls on the stage, who get the audience involved and bring the whole show alive. I believe that all the members of Pink Floyd would be, should be, incredibly proud of you ALL. Very well done indeed! So I went to the East Grinstead show last week! What a gig!!!!!!

Paul Duffin, 23 Feb 15
By email

Unbelievably close to the original

Hitchin Club 85, 20th Dec 14

Just listened to a recording of TFE in Hitchin. First of all let me say that it is UNBELIEVABLY close to the original. I didn´t notice when the download had finished, as I was googling for MIDI files of 'Louder Than Words'. The music started in the background and I was sure that I had come to a Pink Floyd webpage where they played the original music. Just after a while I began to realize that it is YOU. I am convinced your Gilmour is the real one and the original is a shallow version of the reality. No kiddin: His voice and guitar tone is really something! I love it, and it is WAAAAYYYY better than the Aus******n Pink Floyd shows. When is your first German tour ????

Jens Steinmeyer, Germany, Tue 17 Feb 15
By email

The best band

Tribfest, Fri 15th - Sun 17th Aug 14

First day back from four days at Tribfest. It just continues to get better. The Floyd Effect had to marginally beat UK Foo Fighters and AC/DC UK as the best band...

Duncan Wilson, Tue 19 Aug 14
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Musical Perfection

The Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone on Sat 7th Jun 14

Having seen TFE some seven times already, i didn't think they could get much better, but on Saturday 7th June they proved me wrong. The show opened with the classic Shine On You Crazy Diamond, and the first note hit the spot and set the scene for an evening of outstanding musicianship, while the second track, Welcome to the Machine was techincally brilliant, with guitar, percusion and vocals all working as one and executed faultlessly. Throughout the set the sound was electric; the lighting, projections and mixing a perfect accompaniment. Then, just when you thought it couldn't get any better we came to The Great Gig in the Sky. For any Pink Floyd fan, the vocals on this track alone are worth the admission fee. It was Musical Perfection, with Tiffany's and Maddy's vocals a masterclass performed brilliantly. I would go to say that it's better than the original on Dark Side Of The Moon, and it deserved the accolades and standing ovations it received. The hairs on my arms are still tingling, so take a bow ladies, you earned it. OUTSTANDING. Nearly 3 hours passed in minutes, with tracks like Another Brick in the Wall and Run like Hell getting the toes tapping. And, as always, 'David Gilmour' showed that he's such an outstanding guitarist by the manner in which he attacked the guitar solo in Comfortably Numb. TFE are better than any other (and I have seen them all). In this band, everyone has a part to play and everyone plays their part. This is one tight outfit and a band not to be missed. If you don't believe me, come to see for yourself in September at East Grinstead. I'll be there. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Bob Jeffery, Sun 8 Jun 14
By email

I have seen the original Pink Floyd - so trust me - you will not be disappointed by The Floyd Effect. A wonderful evening - YOU MUST SEE THEM !!!

Dave Raven, Sun 8 Jun 14
By email

The best

The Citadel, St Helens on Sat 12th Apr 14

My wife and i have seen (and still see) a lot of Pink Floyd tribute bands, but we both agree that your band is the best we have seen for years.

Tony Bowers, Sun 13 Apr 14
By email


The Citadel, St Helens on Sat 12th Apr 14

Just got back from The St Helens show at The Citadel. I went with an open mind, as you do when you go to see a tribute band attempting to recreate what you've grown up listening to, but to say I'm blown away is an understatement. From the opening (Shine On), to the end (Run Like Hell), The Floyd Effect are faultless. Dark side Of The Moon was played in its entirity and is done to perfection with Great Gig in the Sky a beautiful highlight - better, in my opinion, than Durga McBroom and Sam Brown's attempt for the real Pink Floyd. The light show and the effects are great and the sound was awesome, The band are absolutely spot on note for note, and you won't hear a closer voice to Gilmour except for Gilmour himself. The four of us that went have already decided we will be making the trip from Liverpool to Solihull in September to see them again. If you are a Floyd fan, make sure you see this Tribute, you won't be disappointed.

Richard Beaufort-Eaton, Sun 13 Apr 14
By email

Thanks to the band for a stunning set at The Citadel. I was blown away - and I reckon the crowd was too. Setting the Bar high for tribute bands everywhere . Thanks for a brilliant evening. Come back soon.

Ste Harrison, Sun 13 Apr 14
On Facebook

Just watched you at The Citadel St Helen's … what an amazing set. Loved it. Absolutely brilliant xx

Lynne Webster, Sun 13 Apr 14
By email


The Point, Eastleigh on Sat 1st Mar 14

Saw you performing in Eastleigh last night, you were amazing! Thank you all, including your lighting crew, for a great show.

Jason Evans, Sun 2 Mar 14
On Facebook

Just saw you guys at The Point, Eastleigh. Awesome! Detail and subtlety of the catalogue executed with deftness. Great Gig in the Sky? It flippin' well was. Gotta see your early days set.

Bill Payne, Sat 1 Mar 14
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Genetically perfected

Woodville Halls Theare, Gravesend on Sat 26th Oct 13

I don't do tribute bands. @thefloydeffect ain't no tribute. They are clones of the original, genetically perfected. Excellence personified.

Paul Addick, Sun 27 Oct 13
On Twitter

A real treat

South Street Theare, Reading on Sat 14th Sep 13

Guys, you were fantastic. As someone who loves the early Floyd stuff as much as their later stuff, let me tell you this gig was a real treat. A great selection of tracks and your attention to detail was very impressive (e.g. reverb on the bongos!). I never thought I'd hear tracks like Cymbaline, Ibiza Bar, Julia Dream, Careful With that Axe, Eugene and See Emily Play performed live. Top show.

John Waxman, Sun 15 Sep 13
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Far and away the best

The Drill Hall, Lincoln on Sat 8th Jun 13

Last night I had the pleasure of watching what is by far and away the best sounding Floyd show I have ever witnessed. (And I've seen many - including the Aussies who don't even come close). Their 'David Gilmour' was on the 'Money' from start to finish with a faultless performance on the guitar(s) and an amazing vocal sound. The rest of the band were truly incredible too but I have to give a special note to the two girls who performed The Great Gig In The Sky. I have rarely seen a standing ovation part way through a Floyd set but the girls got TWO during this track alone. In total, I counted SIX times at least half the audience stood to show their appreciation and respect for the show we witnessed. Twice in Great Gig, again at the end of Dark Side and then at the end of all three of the final tracks. Of course we knew that Comfortably Numb was not going to be the last track and the stomping and shouting ensured the guys came back out for a knockout version of Run Like Hell which started with both guitarists showing just how much they enjoyed performing by larking about in a 'play off'. Now the techie bit. The lighting was great and the video projections added so much depth to the show with some brilliant visuals but for me the sound was where it was at. I am a sound engineer myself and am always very critical of other people's work, but not last night. I was sitting three rows behind what is clearly a very colourful desk and could see everything your sound guy was doing. Knowing how these things are normally done I could see him pressing buttons to add in the required delays by sampling odd words here and there (Us & Them etc.) which can only lead me to believe you are not using a click track. (Brave and VERY rare these days.) He spent the entire show fine tuning the sound, boosting solos and adjusting reverbs to produce a sound Pink Floyd themselves would have been proud to use. It made such a change to see the guy at the back a) NOT at the back and b) busy throughout the show rather than sitting there with a "it was fine in the soundcheck so I don't need to touch it now" attitude. All in all I can honestly say I have never witnessed a show where everyone involved displays such a high standard of professionalism while also showing that they are loving every minute of what they are doing. I will see you again as soon as I can.

Craig, Sun 9 Jun 13
By email

Hello Craig, many thanks for your very kind comments. You're quite right. The Floyd Effect uses no click tracks or backing tracks. The only purpose for the laptop is to trigger the projections (which contain the special effects such as the cash registers in Money), and even this is done manually! So when you see the images in sync with the lyrics, it's because Kerry (our drummer) is a tempo magician. You may ask why we do this. It's to let the music 'breathe' (no pun intended) and for the musicians to feed off one another in a way that's not possible if everyone is slavishly following a metronomic click. - TFE.


The Capitol Theatre, Horsham on Sat 25th May 13

Really enjoyed the show. Great choice of tracks. Loved hearing Animals live. Musically stunning and visually impressive. Hope you'll come and see us again.

Steve Rowell, Sun 26 May 13
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Too good for the O2

The O2 Academy, Liverpool on Sat 4th May 13

I went to see you last Saturday at the O2 Acadamy in Liverpool. The venue was crap - no seats and £4.25 for a small can of beer - but you were great, lots better than the Australian Pink Floyd and too good for the O2. I'll see you again...

Avid Pink Floyd fan Tony, Tue 7 May 13
By email

Like being in the same room as the Floyd themselves

The Marble Project, Maldon on Sat 23rd March 13

The Floyd Effect - perhaps the only Pink Floyd tribute act that has a 'Dave Gilmour' - yes, one guy that can re-enact the true talents of the man himself both vocally and on guitar. (Not a separate singer and guitarist unlike most of the other tribute acts!) Like keyboardist Gordon Reid announced when introducing the band, he's the man that could put David Gilmour in second place in a 'David Gilmour soundalike competition'. How very true! It is this fact that gives this band an immediate upper hand by presenting themselves as the true live line-up of the real Pink Floyd. And watching these guys is both awe inspiring and quite simply mind blowing! It really is like being in the same room as the Floyd themselves!

Glenn Jacobs, Rockadia, Fri 5 Apr 13
Read more here: Rockadia

The best night of live music in Maldon... ever! I've recently seen a kangaroo-based Floyd tribute but much preferred your show. Their frontman IS Dave Gilmour, and the girls' vocals on Great Gig In The Sky brought a tear to my eye. The show was outstanding and the reception from the crowd was a joy to hear. Can TFE be the official rock group of the Marble project?

Paul Crawley, The Marble Project, Tue 26 Mar 13
By email.


Playhouse Theatre, Harlow on Sat 2nd March 13

A breathtaking evening of faultless musicianship. It doesn't get much better than this, it was truly mindblowing. Dogs played to perfection with immaculate support from John on guitar, Great Gig In The Sky with the introduction of a new vocalist in support of the brilliant Fiona Ford, and virtuoso performances on Money, Comfortably Numb, and the electrifying finale Run Like Hell. But singling out people is not really fair as you are one truly "tight" outfit. We'll see you again in East Grinstead... Respect.

Bob Jeffery and Friends, Mon 11th Mar 13
By email

Last night was fantastic! Everything from the music, singing, sound balance, lighting, audience participation etc etc. A really enjoyable evening - we're looking forward to coming again.

Pete Duncombe, Sun 3rd Mar 13
By email


Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone on Sat 26th January 13

Wow! I've seen the Floyd before and the sound tonight was superb - the guitars got the stereo sound perfect on Animals, the patches for the pedals produced that Gilmour sound, and the ladies on vocals during Great Gig took me back to Wembley in '87. I took my 14-year old (who plays guitar) and he was very impressed. 'Legend' he said, and promptly loaded TFE's Comfortably Numb solo up onto YouTube. Thank You!

Patrick Morgan, Sat 26th Jan 13

As good as the original Floyd

Trinity Theatre, Royal Tunbridge Wells on Sat 1st December 12

I have seen The Floyd Effect many times now. I have also seen Brit Floyd at the Royal Albert Hall, I have seen the masters (Pink Floyd) in their prime, and I recently saw the Aussie Floyd in Las Vegas and, without a shadow of doubt, the vocals the TFE girls pulled off on Sat 1st Dec was nothing short of vocal brilliance. Fiona's return was the perfect ending to the exceptional and brilliant beginning on The Great Gig in the Sky, and the ovation that they received that night was a recognition of utter brilliance - the hairs on my arms were on edge, it was that good. I would even say that, in the raw element of a live show, it was even better than the original studio recording on Dark Side of the Moon. I take my hat off to you all. The use of The Trinity Youth group for The Wall set was a master stroke, and I thought you pulled it off totally... It was another outstanding night of value for money entertainment and I look forward to seeing you again early in the new year.

Robert Jeffery (a serious Floyd Effect addict), Mon 17th Dec 12
By email

I got up this morning and thought "I dont do reviews" but here I am. I have to say, what a truly class act that was. This was my Christmas treat from my wife, and probably one of my best presents ever. She had kept the surprise until I walked in the door and saw the poster. The quality of the sound and light show was amazing... I just closed my eyes and melted into the guitar solos. The Trinity Youth Theatre really added to the atmosphere on The Wall tracks. As we waited for the performance to start I said to my wife "I doubt if they will do The Great Gig In The Sky as it is such a powerful song". Well, you girls proved me wrong. I was blown away. My wife is a Floyd novice, but having seen you have a show in East Grinstead next year, she is lookling forward to seeing you again. And so am I. See you then.

John Holland, Sun 2nd Dec 12

As a pretty big Pink Floyd fan, I was rather excited when I found out that renowned Pink Floyd cover band were coming to Tunbridge Wells. The Floyd Effect have been touring for a few years now; they cover everything from Piper at the Gates of Dawn to The Division Bell. They played last night at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge wells, which I thought was a brilliant venue choice, as it is a converted church. They played a selection of post Dark Side of the Moon songs in the first half and the whole of Dark Side of the Moon in the second. They were absolutely brilliant, both technically and performance wise and really delivered a great performance and we will definitely be going to see the pre-Dark Side tour they are doing next year.

Felicity Knights, Sun 2nd Dec 12
Blogspot (now removed)

Thanks for such a brilliant gig in Tunbridge Wells, and nice to see the kids from the Arts Centre join in on a few of the numbers. A spine tingling Great Gig In The Sky by the girls showing up [Clare Torrey] on the original track. Quite superb! You are just as good as the original Floyd who I was lucky to have seen live twice. Thanks once again for a mind blowing show.

Richard, Sat 1st Dec 12

Bloody hell... I went crazy for The Floyd Effect on the strength of the Riga Bar gig in Southend earlier in the year when you had none of your dedicated lighting or effects with you. To say that my pals and I are stunned by the full show would be an understatement. Incredible !!!

Paul Crawley, The Marble Project, Sat 1st Dec 12
Via email (sent by mobile 'phone during the concert)

Absolutely spot on

Theatre Royal, Wakefield on Sat 6th October 12

Great show at the weekend in Wakefield, guys. ... your frontman's playing was an absolute spot on recreation of Dave Gilmour's guitar sound; he must have spent absolutely ages analysing Gilmour's timing and style, and the rest of the band were a really tight unit. It'd be great if you were intending to tour next year in our part of the world here 'oop North with the 'More Pompeii' set. Look forward to seeing you again...

Dr Nick Sutcliffe, Mon 8th Oct 12
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Hi guys I just want to say a massive thanx for one hell of an AWESOME show last night at Wakefield Theatre Royal. I am still buzzing now. You blow me and my mates away... FANTASTIC.

Mark Burnley
By email, Sun 7th Oct 12

Total respect

"More Pompeii" at Ruislip on Sat 15th September 12

I may be in the minority, but I don't need to hear Dark Side played live ever again. So, when I heard about The Floyd Effect's gig, billed as drawing only from the pre-Dark Side albums, I thought, "About bloody time, I'm up for that!" and what's more, it was billed as a one-off show! The first set began with a dip into Obscured by Clouds and the technical gremlins came out to play, but the band played on. Two songs in, the audience was really warming to the whole idea and, with the gremlins firmly stomped on, before we knew it, we arrived at the halfway point with Astronomy Domine. They followed this with Cirrus Minor and a few other tracks from More before they served up Fearless, complete with the rousing choruses of You'll Never Walk Alone. Finally the first set drew to a close with a great version of Fat Old Sun. Before long the band returned, opening with Echoes. As the song descended into whale song at the half way mark the band segued into Careful With That Axe, Eugene followed by [Saucerful of Secrets - Ed.] and the ever popular One Of These Days before a great version of Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun led them neatly back into the remainder of Echoes. Now that's what I call a Pink Floyd set! In a playful moment the keyboard player led the audience in an acapella version of Bike. I'm sure the band (like me) expected it to get no further than the first verse, but instead they looked on bemused as the audience sang the whole thing from start to finish! Finally, See Emily Play brought a great night to an all too early end and the band left the stage to loud applause from a very enthusiastic crowd. From what I saw, the band will give you a great show when they return to Dark Side and the usual favourites, but if this really was a one-off show, it's a tragedy! To learn all that material is a monumental task. To do a whole evening of Pink Floyd without touching anything later than Obscured by Clouds you have to grow a pair and on Saturday, these guys grew a pair the size of watermelons! Total respect.

Steve Speight, Mon 17th Sep 12
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

A huge thank you

The Stanley Music Festival on Sun 26th August 12

I am just writing to say a HUGE THANK YOU to The Floyd Effect and their team for playing Stanley Music Festival 2012. It was a great day and the band were absolutely amazing, definitely the highlight for me. Awesome band, professional, easy to work with, amazing musicians, as good as the real thing, and such a lovely bunch too - it's been a while since i have met such nice people. Comfortably Numb was just the highlight of my life - amazing guitar work. And the Great Gig in the Sky - I loved your version, your female singers are amazing. Anyway i am planning to come to see the full show very soon. i feel that I need to - it's now on my list of things to do before i die.

Neil Bankhurst - Owner of The Music Pod and Organiser of Stanley Music Festival 2012.
By email, 30 August 2012.
See: www.themusicpod.co.uk

Really like seeing Floyd

The Corn Exchange, Ipswich on Sat 2nd June 12

The well known saying, 'Never work with animals or children' certainly didn't apply to this gig, as it was widely acknowledged that the stage school children taking part enhanced an already superb performance! All of the songs from The Wall, including Another Brick in the Wall pt2, Mother, and Young Lust were simply top class. The girls' vocal skills really shone through with all three demonstrating their love of the music throughout the show, and the second half, comprising the whole of The Dark Side of the Moon, was a pleasure to listen to by a band as good as this. If The Floyd Effect were outstanding, credit must also go to the unsung heroes of this band, i.e. the four people responsible for mixing the sound, working the lights and mastering the visuals. The overall effect (or perhaps I should say the 'Floyd Effect') is quite simply stunning and the whole experience is just wonderful. Thanks for a superb night-out. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Dave Handley, Tue 5th June 12
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

Great show. The playing, sound and lighting/effects were all first class and it was really like seeing Floyd in a more intimate environment. Dogs was bold, unexpected and very refreshing. Although I love the late 80s and mid 90s Floyd set lists, they are already very well documented on DVD and I think you have the potential to be much better than a live copy of these concerts. How about further deviations like performing songs from The Final Cut or Amused to Death, or other solo albums for that matter? Great stuff though guys and I'm already planning my next trip to see you - Early Floyd at Ruislip sounds very interesting.

Dave, Sun 3rd June 12
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Fantastic show

The Threatre, Chipping Norton on Sat 19th May 12

Fantastic show, nearly three hours of classic Floyd. The level of performance was excellent throughout the show, and it was a real treat to hear Dark Side in full and a run out for some of Animals.

Roger Smith, Sun 20th May 12
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

The best Floyd tribute bar none

If this were a boxing contest...

After seeing another tribute (billed as the "world's greatest Pink Floyd Tribute show") in London last night, I now understand why you joke that your frontman pushes David Gilmour into second place in a guitar sound-alike contest. Neither of the guitarists at the show I saw last night had the grace, composure or ability that you constantly display in your performances. Tracks such as Comfortably Numb, Echoes and Run Like Hell were played quite ordinarily without the power and energy that your expertise generates. The bass on tracks like Echoes and One of these Days did not have the intensity or drive that Garry is able to deliver, and the other band's female vocalists were unable to generate the intensity and brilliance of Maddie or Roxy. Their rendition of Great Gig In The Sky lacked the verve and excitement that you able to generate. Overall, if this were a boxing contest, the referee would have stopped the fight. From what I witnessed last night, you are the best Floyd tribute band bar none, and you certainly have the vote from me and all my friends. There is only one top Pink Floyd Tribute Band, and The Floyd Effect is it.

Kind regards, Bob Jeffery
By email, 8 May 2012

A wonderful night

The Quay Theatre, Sudbury on Sat 28th Apr 12

From the opening bars of Shine On and throughout other well known classics, we were treated to a faultless performance. Everyone was 'so together' and the girls were superb. It was good to see them enjoying themselves at the front of the stage for a change and not tucked away at the back. The vocals were stunning, as were the saxophone solos. The whole of The Dark Side of the Moon was to follow in the second half, which was simply brilliant and sizzling performances of Comfortably Numb and Run like Hell were served up as the final encore to a well deserved standing ovation! Looking forward to seeing the band again in Ipswich as soon as possible! Thanks for a wonderful night.

David and Lizzie, Sun 6 May 12
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

Fantastic performance and brilliant recovery from the power tripping out early on! Loved all the songs and performers. Special mention to the sax-playing vocalist (I'm learning the sax myself) - I hope she keeps doing the sax parts. My 29-year-old daughter is thrilled that I'm taking her to see you in Ipswich on 2nd June. All the very best and thanks again for a great night in Sudbury.

Nigel, Sat 5th May 12
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Just had a brilliant night at Sudbury. Had to resist getting up and jumping about most of the night! A real treat on a miserable wet night. :)

Michele Thomas, Sun 29th Apr 12
Via Facebook

Totally brilliant

The Railway, Winchester on Sat 17th Mar 12

What were they doing here? What was a band like this doing in a dingy backroom venue like the Railway? They're headlining a festival in a few weeks - I spoke to one of them afterwards and believe they were as surprised by the venue as we were to see them there! They couldn't even get their saxophonist on stage or set up their lighting and circular screen, so one of their backing vocalists (brilliantly) took over sax duties for Shine On and Dark Side. In spite of the problems, the tiny audience was treated to a fantastic, intimate evening of Pink Floyd with the projections on the back wall instead of the screen. I didn't think I'd ever get a chance to see how it's done so closely, so thank you TFE for putting up with the problems and giving us a totally brilliant evening! High points for me were obviously Dark Side and Comfortably Numb, but also up there were Take It Back, Young Lust and - best of all - Dogs. Next time you should be playing to 500 or even 5,000 in Winchester!

P Best, Mon 26th Mar 12
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

Absolutely brilliant

Secombe Theatre, Sutton on Sat 25th Feb 12

The gig at Sutton was absolutely brilliant. The young people from the Spiral Youth Theatre were superb, they worked so hard. The Wall and DSOTM in one night, what more could you ask for? Nice to hear a few tracks from other albums as well. An audiovisual treat indeed.

Sharon and Gary James, Sun 4 Mar 12
See http://www.facebook.com/floydeffect

Just get better and better

The Tropic at Ruislip, Fri 17th Feb 12

Great night as always at Tropic at Ruislip. The 4th year we have seen you - great night had as always - you just get better and better. Thanks guys, brill set too! :o)

Jenine Screen, Sat 18 Feb 12
See http://www.facebook.com/floydeffect

The Total Package

The Flowerpot, Derby on Sat 26th Nov 11

TFE turned Derby's Flowerpot into a mini Marquee for one wondrous evening of psychedelic, underground prog-rock. From the first note of the first song, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, the Cambridge-based eight-piece had a power preacher-like grip over their assembled 'congregation', all there to worship at the musical altar of Gilmour and Co. in an (Atom Heart) Mother of all gigs. Accompanied by a stunning light show and all the iconic, trademark video footage synched into the music, the band then took the Flowerpot faithful on a sing-a-long of the tracks from The Wall album. I had a surreal moment as I sang along to We Don't Need No Education and Hey Teacher Leave That Kid Alone as, in my other life, I'm a member of the educational fraternity. Weird! Thereafter, we took a trip down on the farm for the Animals album, featuring Pigs On The Wing and Dogs. Pausing to catch their breath, the band launched into the second set with a note-perfect rendition of the whole of Dark Side Of The Moon. For DSOTM read OMG! This was marvellous music, which took the privileged listeners off into an atmospheric, stratospheric special place to which only a Fender-bending Floyd-fest can take you. Particular mention must go to 'Dave Gilmour' who sang hauntingly beautifully and made his stringed orgasmatron swoop, soar and wail to Himalayan heights of experimental ecstasy. Three absolute belters - Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb and encore Run Like Hell nailed down one of the best ever knock-out nights of musical magnificence in downtown Derby. TFE... As far as Floyd bands go, it should be TTP, that is to say - The Total Package.

Barry Martin, Thu 1 Dec 11
See http://www.rawpromo.co.uk/

Best night out in many a while. Absolutely fantastic band that looked as though they were enjoying themselves as much as we were. As close to the original as I am ever likely to see. Can't wait to see them again.

Neil, Sun 27th Nov 11
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Better live than on the album

Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells on Sat 12th Nov 11

Many thanks for another night of sheer enjoyment. I am not going to tell you how good you were again. As long as you guys keep playing and keeping the memory of Pink Floyd alive and active, my friends and I will most definitely try to be at any venue within reasonable distances to see you perform - you play it better live than it is on a studio album. P.S. The tribute to the 11th hour of 11th day of the 11th month was particularly poignant. Thank you.

Respect from Bob Jeffery, Sun 13 Nov 11
By email

Please, please... don't ever stop

Leighton Buzzard Theatre on Sat 5th Nov 11

What can I say? You guys provided a superlative performance of the Floyd's music last Saturday, and you deserve a much bigger audience. I still have the chant "Gordon, Gordon..." ringing in my ears! You are a fantastic band and I hope that we can persuade you to perform in this area again soon. If you do, please make sure that you tell us!!

Bob Reeve, Mon 7 Nov 11
By email

As the cobwebs begin to clear on yet another dreary Monday morning, I wanted to remark on just how fantastic the weekend has been, with pride of place going to the quite remarkable concert you put on for us. I have had so many texts and emails from our friends and families expressing their delight at the thrilling time they had, which will be a truly memorable event for us all. The sounds and the explosion of colour from your show are still swirling around inside my head this morning. Please pass on my thanks to all of the band and your support team for doing such a wonderful job for us... and please, please, please don't ever stop!!

Sean Johnston, Mon 7 Nov 11
By email

Sheer brilliance and perfection

Rhodes Arts Complex, Bishop's Stortford on Sat 29th Oct 11

Well, what can I say...? I was suprised, because when you opened up with Shine On You Crazy Diamond, I thought it was going to be the same set as before, but you soon dispelled that myth. The performance of Dogs was exceptional, the obligatory rock solid performance of Dark Side of the Moon was first class and Roxanne and Tiffany's vocals were breathtaking. Then to finish, what my friends and I belileve was a Master Class on guitar in Comfortably Numb... that alone was worth the entrance money, it was just utter brilliance. But even you, as the tight 8-piece outfit you are, must have been warmed and impressed by the total knockout at the end of the evening with your performance of Run Like Hell. If an audience did not think it could get any better after the opening (and then the middle and then the end) they were mistaken because that encore was just sheer brilliance and Perfection.

Bob Jeffrey, Sun 30 Oct 11
By email

What a fantastic performance last night. We have seen Pink Floyd live several times and were not expecting a tribute band to be that good! The singing was superb and it was even possible to tell whether it would have been Roger Waters or Dave Gilmour performing, the vocalist was that good. When the girls sang The Great Gig In The Sky we were blown away. The instrumentalists were spot on, the light show was superb & there was even a glitter ball for Comfortably Numb. Thank you all for a fantastic evening. We will definitely come again.

Maureen Holland, Sun 30 Oct 11
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Musically and technically perfect

Solihull Arts Complex on Sat 1st Oct 11

Guys/Gals... As a Floydie of some 30 years, I saw you for the first time at Solihull last night. You blew me away. Musically and technically perfect, no silly thrills and gimmicks... Good, honest nigh on [perfect] replication of the great tracks. You were having a good time and so were the audience. I thought that the ladies' vocals were awesome. I closed my eyes on several of the tracks and thought that I was listening to the Floyd themselves. The intimate venue helped sustain the mood and it was great to see all you guys linking in musically so well. I loved Any Colour you Like... awesome. Guys, don't stop. You made a lot of people happy last night. I loved it and am still enthusing about the show now. Thank you so much.

Philip Bond, Sun 2nd Oct 11
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

F***ing brilliant!

The Floyd Effect - Nearly Entirely Live in the Far East (live recordings)

"You thought that you were listening to Pink Floyd in the interval but you weren't. You were listening to my sound engineer's band. They are called The Floyd Effect and they are f***ing brilliant, so go and see them."

Jim Davidson (yes, that Jim Davidson) on stage at the Regent Theatre, Ipswich on 23rd Sep 11


Pyrford Hall on Sat 17th Sep 11

Pyrford is privileged to host such talented musicians. I don't think we could ever have enough of The Floyd Effect.

Pyrford Hall, by email.

Truly awesome

The Riga Bar, Southend on Sat 4th Jun 11

We went to see The Floyd Effect in June. My goodness they were awesome. I have seen Pink Floyd live before and, believe me, this band were so damn close vocally and musically to the real thing, You guys had everyone in the place singing along to every word. I can't wait to see them again and again. You guys were truly awesome.

Sharon Mitcheson, Sat 11th Jun 11
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Great set at the Riga last night. First time that I've heard so many of the audience joining in with the singing of those classic Floyd songs!!!! (Even more singing than down at Roots Hall for Southend United.) That's the second time I've seen them and I can't wait for them to come down again! A great time was had by all.

Gwyn Dalley, Sun 5th Jun 11
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

No.1, move over - you're No.2 now

The Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford on Sat 7th May 11

The band did not attempt to look like Pink Floyd, as is the fashion with tributes these days, letting instead the music do the job. And what a job it did! Expertly crafted by a group of people who are superb musicians from the front man through to the girls at the back, not forgetting the visiting sax player who 'popped out' for the majority of the time when he was not required. "Dave Gilmour's" sound was summed up by the keyboard player introducing him as "the man who pushed Dave Gilmour into second place in a Dave Gilmour soundalike contest". His effects were perfect, as were those of the keyboards and these two, supported by cracking bass, drums and second guitar made the music superbly complete notwithstanding the excellent sax solos plus of course the girls up the back. (Fabulous harmonies: no pub-singer shouting or screaming from these two.) Great Gig was amazing and there was an impromptu round of applause halfway through the vocal section. The finishing Comfortably Numb was the best non-original I've heard. The band enjoyed themselves, trying to look as serious as the music, but from the funny quips, via the bass player's jumping around to the singers' dancing, it was clear that they were loving it, as were the audience... It was a great gig and those who thought about coming but didn't really missed out. ... All in all it was a great night and given the sheer musical expertise and skill on show, there are other Floyd tributes who should accept that they are not as good as these guys (and gals). Time for some to be ready to move down the "top ten Floyd-a-likes" chart because The Floyd Effect are heading for number one based on this gig!

RexRocks, Sun 8th May 11
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

I saw you at the Mick Jagger Centre last year and on 7th May this year. I brought five additional friends with me and you just totally blew them away. I have seen the Floyd live on several occassions but, like most bands, they tend to ad-lib and not play it quite correctly; your professionalism and immaculate skill far surpasses anything I have listened to before, totally outstanding.

Bob from Kent, Mon 9th May 11
By email

Second time for me and The Floyd Effect, and well worth the entrance fee, six musicians and two girl backing singers allows for an excellent all-round sound and song choice. The band gave us everything and even looked like they were enjoying it as much as we were. It is easy to recommend them for their 2-hour plus set and I am already looking forward to the next time I see them, possibly in Southend!

Dagenham Dave, Mon 9th May 11
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

A top night

The Flowerpot, Derby on Sat 26th Mar 11

The Floyd Effect do Pink Floyd proud. They gave a brilliant performance at The Flowerpot; it was a great night out with up to three hours of non-stop music. A big credit to the whole band - it was a top night. Well worth seeing.

Glyn Woodward, Tues 29th Mar 11
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Out of this world

Secombe Theatre, Sutton on Sat 12th Feb 11

I came to see you at The Secombe Centre on Saturday with my son and we were absolutely blown away. We will most definitely come to see you again later in the year. Best night's entertainment I have had in years.

Gary James, Mon 14th Feb 11
By email.

We have seen The Floyd Effect here now twice. In both instances, the music and light show were out of this world. Having seen Pink Floyd live at Earls Court - yes the gig where the stand collapsed (we have the T-shirts), The Floyd Effect are comparable in both departments. The only thing missing is the pyrotechnics. A great gig, nice and loud, but sadly everybody stayed in their seats (except us at the back). Well worth going out of your way to see them live.

Steve, Sun 13th Feb 11
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Utterly stunning

South Street Theatre, Reading on Sat 11th Dec 10

When you read accolades like the ones which adorn the Effect website, inevitably a bit of scepticism creeps in. Last night my wife and I saw the band for the first time. We are both huge fans of the original material, knowing it so well that it seemed simply impossible for any group of mere mortals to get anywhere near. Well, prepare then, to be totally blown away. All of the positive comment is deserved. They are utterly stunning. If you like total accuracy, Floyd Effect will deliver 100% and I can subscribe to the view that Pink Floyd themselves would have sounded no better in such an environment (itself one of the big advantages - small venue, intimate atmosphere, crystal clear acoustics). I guessed the incomparable Comfortably Numb would be the finale, and it didn't disappoint. I asked Gordon at half time how much practice they'd had to put in lately to achieve this standard. "None, I'm afraid" came the almost apologetic answer. Sheer musical talent can be the only explanation. But no-one could tackle those complex and sometimes psychedelic soundscapes the way this band does without a touch of genius. And the girls on Great Gig - always the big test - most excellent. And the sax... In the words of X Factor (sorry), they absolutely nailed it, or if you prefer Strictly, Fab-u-lous. I will most definitely be back for more. Thanks, guys, for a truly spellbinding experience.

Richard Vandervord, Sun 12th Dec 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

I had no preconceptions (although it is often the case that the reality falls short of the website hype) but I thought you guys were simply brilliant. If I have to mention any tracks in particular, anyone who takes on Echoes has my immediate respect, and I also enjoyed One of These Days. The point is it's hard to single out anything because it was all so good. ... In short, what cracking value for money. You guys undersell yourselves, particularly now the Aussies are demanding £30+ a ticket. If anyone is reading this and still needs convincing, get to see these guys, you really won't regret it. The Floyd sound is safe in their hands...

Dean Westall, Mon 13th Dec 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews


Quarterhouse, Folkestone on Sat 2nd Oct 10

The Quarterhouse is the new cool venue in Folkestone. The band played to us in this intimate venue and they were fantastic. Shut your eyes and you could imagine the original Pink Floyd had come to play in your own lounge. The music was accurate and clear. It sounded more like Pink Floyd than some of the original band's live tracks on CD! I was there for the music, and they delivered. Big time. Their sound stage was perfect, every note heard and felt: loud, tight and clear. ... There were some empty seats. "People of Folkestone - You lost out". The concert was a cracking affair, even if you're not a Floyd affectionado it would not be possible to fail to enjoy the experience. The tracks everyone has heard (Money, Time etc) would enthuse even a grumpy old man. A word of advice. If The Floyd Effect come to a venue near you, don't wait or think about it. Book some tickets. Go. And enjoy one of the best evening's entertainments possible.

Jo, Sun 3rd Oct 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

A wonderful thing

Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich on Sat 4th Sep 10

From huge Floyd fans, you all did the greatest rock band in the world a proud, 1st class tribute. We have been wanting to see you for a long while and was so glad we came to Norwich last night. Kerry, we are so proud of you and we can see what a wonderful thing you have going. Go chase those Aussies... you are not far off the back of their heels.

Mike, Kelly, Reuben and Elizabeth, Sun 5th Sep 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Totally converted

Pyrford Hall, Woking on Sat 28th Aug 10

I saw The Floyd Effect on Saturday and I was totally blown away. It was sensational! I have never been listening much to Pink Floyd but I am totally converted now, I enjoyed it so much. The talent in the group is just amazing. I loved every minute of it and I hope to see them again soon. Amazing stuff! Keep going guys. ... The crowd was amazing too, dancing, clapping, shouting in excitement and they even played some extra pieces for us! Loved Wish You Were Here and Another Brick in the Wall the most. I'll treasure my T-shirt forever and I made some new, awesome friends!

Tanja, Sun 29th Aug 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

An incredible band with nothing but top quality artists, they delivered a first set mixed with some old and late tracks, from Sheep to Sorrow, and Wish You Were Here to The Wall, a full one hour, then after a break returning to the stage to perform the timeless Dark Side of the Moon. With the club now totally eclipsed by their music, and cheering for more, the band announced they had a special piece to play for us, a track they had not before performed. With the crowd now silenced, and a single note from Gordon's keyboards, the venue was filled with the sound of Echoes. This track could only be performed to this standard by The Floyd Effect, and we are honoured it was played for us here at Pyrford. Wherever they play, if it's in your area, do not miss this formidable tribute.

Graham Pereira, Mon 20th Sep 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

We shouted and stomped

Tribfest, Yorkshire on Sat 21st Aug 10

Last saw Floyd Effect at Westcliffe and thought the TribFest would be a good weekend away, coupled with the excuse to see Pink Floyd again. They took the stage after dark - good job too as they were the only band with their own projections! Played a cross section of music - with NO backing tracks! Unlike some I could name... You know who you are - shame on you! Started with a selection from The Wall and Dark Side, finishing with a fantastic Comfortably Numb despite 'Gilmour' being on the stage rather than on top of the Wall. It was all over way too soon but we shouted and stomped and managed to get them back for one more track, Run Like Hell, before they left the stage for good. Loved the balloons guys - real pro touch... Hope to see you again soon.

Toth62, Mon 23rd Aug 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

Hot venue with an even hotter band

Riga Music Bar, Westcliff-on-Sea on Sat 26th Jun 10

Haven't seen this lot for a while but thought I'd look in on them again. What a difference a few months can make! Now an 8-piece rather than 7- with a dedicated sax player. Projections and light show were also improved. The venue was hot and stuffy but who cares... The band were even hotter! Lead guitarist was fab and if you closed your eyes you would have sworn it was Dave himself up there. My fave track of the night was Money - GREAT. Better than Floyd themselves when they played live at times. These guys are going from strength to strength. Wish petrol was a bit cheaper, otherwise I'd be following them round the country! Come back soon!

Toth62, Mon 28th Jun 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

Excellent show

Solihull Arts Complex on Sat 8th May 10

My wife and I went to the gig and were treated to a great evening of entertainment. The Floyd Effect performed as a 7-piece and it was obvious there was some serious musical talent on display from the off. In addition to the quality of the performers, the band also utilised a great light and laser show together with projected film just like Pink Floyd did when I saw them in 1995. In fact there were times during the gig where with eyes closed I could have been listening to Pink Floyd themselves. The first half of the gig saw the band playing well known tracks from the big selling albums. For me, Astronomy Domine and Sheep were standouts, with the latter making the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. One of These Days from the Meddle album was also excellent. After the interval the band played Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety and it was a great performance true to the original album. The end of the gig came with the band playing Comfortably Numb to by now a very enthusiastic audience, who insisted on an encore. We had been treated to nearly three hours of quality music performed by very good musicians who have created an excellent show worthy of seeing again and again. Please come back to the Midlands soon.

Mark Johnson, Tue 11th May 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

Just a quick email to say how much my wife and I enjoyed last night's show. Much better than the A***ies, whom we saw a few years ago. The best part was The Great Gig in the Sky. During the introduction to it I could feel the tension in the audience around me, with everyone thinking "I hope they do this well" and you did - Maddie was fantastic!

Phil Partridge, Sun 9th May 10
By email.

A bit of a shock...

The Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford on Sat 17th Apr 10

Went along not really knowing what we would get (but only a short drive from my house so worth a punt at £15.00). I was only expecting a decent tribute act, but in view of the complexity of Floyd material wasn't really expecting anything mind blowing. What I saw was a bit of a shock, an absolutely top-notch tribute act that were absolutely brilliant. The Floyd Effect not only sound exactly like Floyd but have a pretty impressive light show too. All the musicians/backing singers played a big part in recreating those tracks we all love and basically this gig was absolutely brilliant from beginning to end, particularly the recreation of Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety. Sad about the Floyd never going to play live again? Don't be, go and see the Floyd Effect!

Bob, Sun 18th Apr 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

As good as the real thing

Central Studios, Basingstoke on Sat 10th Apr 10

I went and saw these guys and was inspired. What a great harmony of music talent - from acoustic to hard rock sounds, they never failed to impress. First rate. The show played a full selection of Floyd's music in the most authentic yet unique style with added visuals and wondrous sounds from the era!

Andrew, Sat 22nd May 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page= applause

Just to say that I am a die-hard Pink Floyd fan, and this tribute band were as good as the real thing. In fact their Comfortably Numb was that good it made me cry. A great night. Thanx

Jenny, Wed 14th Apr 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Another awesome gig albeit in an intimate setting ... Keep it up TFE - we need to see you playing in larger venues.

D & P, Mon 12th Apr 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

The True Spirit of Pink Floyd

Hertford Corn Exchange on Sat 13th Mar 10

The Floyd Effect at the Hertford Corn Exchange was the best £12.50 I have ever spent in Hertford. It was my birthday this week, and as a long term Pink Floyd fan, this seemed like a great way to celebrate. The Floyd Effect exceeded every expectation. With a front row seat, great sound, and truly brilliant playing I would recommend the band to any rock fan and definitely all Pink Floyd Fans. The set covered tracks from the early days, later days and of course the whole of Dark Side of the Moon. Finished off with great versions of Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell. Best night out in ages. I hope they come back soon.

Roger Jones, Sun 14th Mar 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

My wife and I thank you for a fantastic evening at the Hertford Corn Exchange. ... You should be playing larger venues - it was clear Hertford was too small to accomodate you. What a show. We were blown away by how much there was to see and hear. ... My heart stopped when Great Gig In The Sky started. Time - fantastic - the drummer standing up to play, the clocks - amazing. The night was finished off with Comfortably Numb - I am still numb. Wow - you can play man. I'm not sure how you put a show like that together it must take a lot of hard work and dedication. We salute you.

Ed, Sun 14th Mar 10
By email.

Absolutely brilliant

The Century Theatre, Snibston on Sat 20th Feb 10

I went to see you last night... and what a night it turned out to be, you were incredible. Every number was played with such perfection and passion. All members of the band were outstanding and you gave a lot of people loads of enjoyment. It's difficult to pick out best performed tracks so I'll go for On The Turning Away which is one of my favourite Floyd tracks... absolutely amazing. Also, Sorrow and of course Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell and the whole of DSOTM. In fact it was all incredibly well performed. You all play very well together and it would be unfair of me to say who was my favourite, so I'll say each one of you shone for me. I went to see you at the same venue last year and you were amazing then, too. But this time you excelled and your much improved light show was beyond words. It's easy to see you are passionate about PF and I think your following will increase. You can be very proud of yourselves. I think this time next year you could perhaps fill larger venues, how about Loughborough Town Hall? Thank you for an amazing evening and carry on playing that wonderful music.

Steve, Sun 21st Feb 10
By email.


Secombe Theatre, Sutton, on Sat 6th Feb 10

The gig was awesome. You were incredible. It was great to see you all having such a good time. Really like the rhythm partners - yer drummer is a fab player. I wish I was a 10th as good.

Jon, Mon 8th Feb 10
By email.

Best tribute I have seen

Leighton Buzzard Theatre, on Fri 29th Jan 10

I took a group of ten with me, rows C and D. Most of us have seen Pink Floyd in the past and other tribute bands. We all agreed that your group were as close as could be to the real thing. The couple who had never seen PF were over the moon, where have they been all these years? You are all excellent. It would be unfair to single out any one in particular but I have to say that your lead singer's voice was the closest I have heard to the early days of Pink Floyd. If I closed my eyes I could really believe I was listening to the original PF. Congratulations, do come back. I will also tell the local paper.

Bob Reeve, Thu 4th Feb 10
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

Thanks for a brilliant evening last Friday! I've seen many Floyd tribute acts (and the real thing a few times) and you guys are right up there in every way! It's great to see bands enjoying their music and makes for a much more memorable evening. Looking forward to seeing you all in Frome in November - It will be well worth the long journey. P.S. How do you switch between Roger and Dave on vocals? Both sound scarily close to the originals (are you using an effects box?)

Chris Jones, Mon 1st Feb 10
By email.

Awesome gig

Stroud Subscription Rooms, on Sat 23rd Jan 10

The gig last night was awesome, 1st experience of The Floyd Effect exceeded expectations, you were spot on! When are you coming back? Westonbirt Arboretum would be a brilliant setting for one of your shows, hint, hint. Many thanks for a great night!

Mark and Bev, Sun 24th Jan 10
By email.

Awesome! Fantastic!

Glastonbudget 2010 showcase

Awesome! Fantastic! Please, please, book these guys. I love their gigs. Heaps better than the Aussies for sure - sound is spot on, just like the albums.

Suffolk Sooty, Wed 30th Dec 09
Glastonbudget site (page now closed)

Absolutely awesome

The Tropic at Ruislip, on Fri 11th Dec 09

What a show, what a performance, well done for a fantastic evening, just can't wait til the next one. Us and Them & Comforably Numb were absolutely awesome.

Louis, Sun 13th Dec 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Can't recommend these guys highly enough. Saw them last night down the Tropic in Ruislip. Totally blew me away. A real nostalgia trip. Thank you. Come back soon.

AgentX20, Sat 12th Dec 09
Glastonbudget site (page now closed)


Windlesham Theatre, on Sat 28th Nov 09

They are brilliant. I've taken friends to see them on different occasions, and they now go to see The Floyd Effect whenever they are in the area, taking others along with them to see for themselves. There is quite a following developing in Surrey and Hampshire!

Ealien, Fri 11th Dec 09
Glastonbudget site (page now closed)

F*cking awesome

Glastonbudget 2010 showcase

The Floyd Effect is awesome. Can't be beaten. Attention to detail is amazing. Close you eyes and it's every bit as good as the real thing - honest. Go see them - worth every penny! They are even getting fans who follow them around. As I said - awesome!

Stigg, Tue 1st Dec 09
Glastonbudget site (page now closed)

This band is mental, these guys have it covered when it comes to being spot on as a Pink Floyd tribute band and I would go and see them every time they come to my area. The lead guitarist and singer sounds like Gilmour and the girl who sings Great Gig in the sky is absolutley phenomenal. Book them. They are outstanding!!

Orbital07, Sun 1st Nov 09
Glastonbudget site (page now closed)

F*cking awesome - Aussie's got the dough. These guys steal the show!

Kaiser, Fri 30th Oct 09
Glastonbudget site (page now closed)

Amazing show - no I don't know them - but I have seen them three times so I think I am qualified to comment - very impressed - detailed - precise - vocals outstanding - a rare treat to beat. I hope they can be seen at GB10.

Caz "Festyfever", Fri 30th Oct 09
Glastonbudget site (page now closed)

The best ever

The Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe on Sat 17th Oct 09

These guys are the best sound-alikes ever. Better, in fact than some of the Floyd's early live gigs which were variable to say the least. Beat the Aussies hands down! Should be 10/5 rather than 5/5.

Toth, Thu 29th Nov 09
Glastonbudget site (page now closed)

A brilliant time

The Haverhill Arts Centre, on Sat 7th Nov 09

Everyone in my group had a brilliant time seeing you guys. I know that if you were to play Haverhill again we'd all come back. It was a great evening's entertainment. What really worked for me was the sound. The drums were punchy, the bass not too over powering, and it had clarity for the keyboards and guitar solos. We also thought that the level of musicianship was way higher than expected. Well done lads and lasses... I'm sure you'd rock the Cambridge Corn Exchange!

Chris Strellis, Mon 9th Nov 09
By email

As good as Pink Floyd

The Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe on Sat 17th Oct 09

Absolutely awesome. My partner is not a Floyd fan as such but I dragged her along and she was bowled over by the show. The band even shrugging off an amp failure mid-gig with the most professional calm, it did not detract at all from what was a fantastic show. A small venue but a wonderful atmosphere, and the best version of the complete Dark Side album I have ever heard. I would love to see them at a big festy like Glastonbudget.

Serenity, Sat 31st Oct 09
Glastonbudget site (page now closed)

As I've seen Aussie Floyd three times and had recently moved to the area, I took the decision to give these a try last year. They were absolutely superb, far exceeding my expectations. So on their return I had no second thoughts of returning with my wife who (although not a huge Floyd fan) does enjoy music played as it should be. Sheep was excellent and a return to the stage to perform Run like Hell just topped the night. The venue is perfect as it brings these brilliant musicians so close to you, an experience an arena can't do! Please don't be long returning to the Plowright ...

Paul Jewison, Mon 26th Oct 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

These guys are real pros! There was a power failure during the first half and the band had to leave the stage. I thought that's it - gig over. But no, their tech guys ran around and fixed it and the band came back. Instead of just giving us the second half of the show they picked up where they left off as if nothing had happened. Way to go guys!

Lori Wilson, Tue 20th Oct 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

I have never had the privilege to see Pink Floyd but hey... you don't have to, these guys are as good. In what was a packed auditorium, the audience was delighted with the sound, all the musicians where equally talented, and if you visit the links on this site you will see their dedication to their craft. The girls' vocals were outstanding. Favourite tracks for me were from the Dark Side of the Moon album, but hey... it was difficult to choose one that did not prick up the hairs on my back. It's a good job it was not a full moon! I would love to see them at a larger venue, which they thoroughly deserve. But I hope that they will still continue entertaining at these smaller venues. Please visit the Plowright again soon. Thank you for a most entertaining night.

Pete Hibbard, Sun 18th Oct 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

An amazing concert

Luton Library Theatre on Sat 3 Oct 09

Went to the Luton Library gig. I was so surprised. You were brilliant. Having see Pink Floyd at Wembley Stadium and the Australian Pink Floyd at the Albert Hall I was to say the least a bit sceptical. It was an amazing concert, with brilliant musicians. Will certainly look forward to seeing you again.

Babs Curtis, Sun 4th Oct 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Hi, I saw The Wall and Division Bell tours, Waters three times, Gilmour four times and last night you where superb. I couldn't believe how good the whole show was. My wife thought that no one could play like DG but you proved her wrong. Some of the most moving guitar I've ever heard live. Thanks for a great night.

Paul and Catherine, Sun 4th Oct 09
By email.

Excellent show tonight - I saw The Wall in 1982 in Earls Court and Roger Waters at the NEC with Clapton as part of the Pros and Cons tour, your show was as good (if not better). It is much better being 5 rows away rather than 50 or 60 rows back in a huge hall. I will look out for future gigs. Well done.

Steve, Sun 4th Oct 09
Via Facebook: The Floyd Effect

Fit for any stage or arena

Pyrford Hall on Sat 5 Sept 09

I have just finished putting together the pieces of my blown away mind, only to discover that every note, word and minute of Saturday's gig is still embedded deep inside. What an evening, what a gig and what superb musicians you all are. Obscured only by the fans in front, there was not a single cloud that could have dampened my spirits towards this remarkable tribute to the music of Pink Floyd. Jaw droppingly accurate and with a light show fit for any stage or arena. From the mixed first set I stood comfortably numb waiting for the second and the whole works of the Dark Side album. You guys are now in my opinion the best around.

Graham Pereira, Mon 7th Sep 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

Fantastic gig, you guys deserve the accolade of the best Pink Floyd tribute in the country, probably the known world! Highlights can only be Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety and of course Comfortably Numb. Thanks for the memories!

Dave and Penny, 7th Sept 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

What can I say? Saturday night was just awesome, incredible, brilliant and all the other words that would go into those categories. For me it was the best live music I have seen since PULSE at Earls Court in 1994. I will write a review when I have pieced together the parts of my blown mind; thank you all so very much.

Graham, 7th Sept 09
By email.

Awesome... again

Norwich Playhouse, Sat 29th Aug 09

You guys were awesome... yet again. Saw you a couple of years ago at Bungay Fisher Theatre and you blew me away then, didn't think you could get better and that's saying something, but you have!! Floyd are not the easist band to duplicate by a long shot, but you are obviously fantastic super-duper musicians and you got it to a tee!!!!! Will be coming to every gig in the area and singing your praises to everyone, so hurry on back!!

Lisa, 3rd Sept 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Absolutely amazing! We have seen Australian Pink Floyd several times and were a bit sceptical as to how this band would step up to the mark! But they did, and in our opinion were better!!! It was a very personal, professional and less computerised show with everyone looking like they were enjoying performing and not just there for the money!!! Can't wait until they come back to the area again!!! WELL DONE... YOU DONE GOOD!!

Sue, 1st Sept 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

Last night's gig was just amazing. As a long time Floyd fan the night was just crisp sounding, fanstatic lighting and set - the whole Pink Floyd atmosphere. The projections where second to none and all cued spot-on. I certainly will be going to see them again. Thank you for a brilliant night submerged in The Floyd Effect. Highly recomended to anyone to go to see.

Neill Arnold, 30th Aug 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=applause

I was at the Norwich gig tonight. I just wanted to let you know I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I must admit that I wasn't too familiar with some of the numbers from the first half of the set, but I enjoyed it just the same. The second half was superb. Dark Side from beginning to end, with one track blending into the next with a short pause while the record was turned over; it was fantastic. Just as it should be played. Well done. I will definitely be at your next gig in the Norwich area.

Andy Edwards, 29th Aug 09
By email.

Breathtakingly accurate

The Tower, Winchester on Sat 15th May 09

The Floyd Effect don't just play the music of Pink Floyd - they recreate it. At Tower Arts Centre they got the sound balance exactly right - no mean feat - and then quietly introduced each number with a minimum of fuss - because their music was about to speak for itself. They generated an intimate atmosphere where they treated the audience as experts and faithfully recreated Pink Floyd for them. The performance of Dark Side of the Moon was breathtakingly accurate even down to the sound loops to introduce Money and Time. As used to happen with the record, I was able to close my eyes and just let the music wash over me. At no time was I thinking to myself 'not quite right' because everything was exactly right. Finishing with Comfortably Numb, a relieved sigh went up from the audience - the evening would not have been complete without it. I took my 18 year old son with me: he had not listened to Pink Floyd before. Mightily impressed, he borrowed my copy of Dark Side to play in his room. "Preferred the live performance" he said. "The music was exactly the same but watching it live was better." Good, or what?

A music fan, 15th Jun 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews


Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst, on Sun 5th Apr 09

Just a quick thank you for an amazing gig last Sunday. Everyone that I spoke to there was gobsmacked and can't wait for you to come back in the near future.

Best Regards, Silvio (music fan), 8th Apr 09
By email.

Fantastic gig

The Tropic at Ruislip, on Fri 27th Mar 09

Fantastic gig last night guys! It was the first time we had seen you, and we were very impressed. The highlights for me were the Dark Side set (GGITS was amazing). Brilliant Comfortably Numb and One Of These Days, we did not want the evening to end. Well done guys and girls! Hope to see you again!

Cirrus, Sat 28th Mar 09
Tributehub review (page now gone)

The finest around

The BoomBoom Club, Sutton on Sat 14th Mar 09

Having seen the Sid Barrett- era Floyd and the more recent Floyd at Knebworth, last week's gig somehow curiously managed to replicate the musical excitement of the two previous live musical contacts I have had with the Floyd's music. But the words of their perfectionist keyboardist, Gordon, "take seven Floyd fanatics and a modicum of talent and this is what you get" don't really cover it ... It's the merging of their individual talents that make this the finest of the Floyd tributes around. With a great sound and light show in the tradition of their mentors, the Floyd Effect make for a very special evening indeed.

George McFall, Wed 25th Mar 09
By email.

Saturday night's gig was just 15 miles away, but the journey The Floyd Effect sent me on was far, far greater. This was a remarkable tribute to the music of Pink Floyd. A fantastic live show, every song, every sound and every member performed to the highest standard. An evening that had my five companions transfixed.

Graham Pereira, Mon 16th Mar 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

Truly amazing

Stamford Corn Exchange on Sat 7th Feb 09

Just felt I had to send you this e-mail to thank you for what was a truly amazing night on Saturday February 7th 2009. It was one of those nights that you do not want to end. Performances from everyone concerned were top notch... nice to hear some of the lesser known Floyd tracks performed. But Dark Side Of the Moon really blew us away and The Great Gig in The Sky was truly amazing. Hope you come this way again as I am sure many of those who attended do. Keep up the good work and we wish you all the best for the future and thanks once again for coming to our little old town.

Terry and Chrissie Baker, Mon 9 Feb 09
By email.

Wow, what a night. Wife and I trundled down to the theatre and took our seats and within the first number Shine On You Crazy Diamond we were truly blown away. What a performance, classic track after classic track and some lesser known ones which was good to hear. All the musicians performed brilliantly on the night all giving their best. When they started to perform Dark Side Of The Moon, well you would really believe it was Pink Floyd. The vocals on The Great Gig In The Sky were truly amazing. This was one of those nights that you did not want to end. Hopefully they will come to our town again in the future. All I can say is that if The Floyd Effect are in your area go and see them - you will not be disappointed.

Terry Baker, Mon 9 Feb 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

I wanted to say just how awesome I thought the whole set was. I took my two cynical, bored seen-it-all teenagers with me - well, you have a duty to properly educate the younglings in all the Classics, don't you? - and they were both mesmerised. Prior to tonight my daughter had only really heard bits of the Dark Side and something from Echoes from time to time - and they were silent and refrained from punching each other all night. For this reprieve alone I should be thanking you, but now they know what chilled out feels like, they may start to take things a bit more easy. Hally-bloody-lulah. Everyone considers themselves an expert at something - and the band you have chosen to tribute is surely followed by the most devoted and educated of fans. We know every word, note and key - so you have no hiding places. I know what the real thing sounds like - and you sounded exactly how I would imagine the Real Thing would sound like, live. I really just want to say Thank You for coming to Stamford, you really deserve to be playing far larger venues, but I am so glad that you came within my price range and vicinity - please come again!

Sarah of Stamford, Sun 8 Feb 09
By email.

Be amazed!

Snibston Century Theatre on Sat 17th Jan 09

On a rain-swept stormy Saturday night, The Floyd Effect produced a totally mind-blowing faithful recreation. The band's warmth and down-to-earth rapport they create with the audience is a bit special too. The balance and blend of 'classic' Floyd tracks and the 'lesser' album tracks, is a brilliant and pleasing surprise. We've seen the real thing and 4 or 5 Floyd tribute bands since, trust me, these are special! Seriously! A totally enjoyable set that will leave you wanting to see them again! (Jo doesn't want to go and see "TAPFS" again now). If you get the chance, GO, be entertained and enjoy!

Alan & Jo, Wed 21st Jan 09
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

Just a quick message to say how much I enjoyed the music last night. Sadly I never got to see Pink floyd, but last night was magic. Thanks to you all.

Michael Wilkins, Sun 18th Jan 09.
By email.

Absolutely stunning

Civic Theatre, Bedford on Fri 17th Oct 08

The thing I hate about a lot of tribute bands is their total lack of any attention to detail. The notes are often correct and in the correct order but the sound is often way off. This is certainly not the case with TFE. They have recreated the sound of Pink Floyd perfectly... it's a blend somewhere between the sound of the original Floyd albums and the Floyd Pulse tour. It was a great trip down memory lane and highlights for me were Shine On and Great Gig In The Sky where the solo female vocals were pretty amazing. The lead singer/guitarist seems to cope with both Gilmour and Waters vocal duties amazingly whilst his guitar and slide guitar playing is absolutely stunning. The keyboard player obviously knows a thing or two about how to get the exact sounds he wants because he has managed to recreate the (W)right sound played with great feel and extreme accuracy. A very tight drummer who also has a great voice, a solid bassist and two girl singers who look and sound fabulous complete the lineup. Great sound, great lights, a great show that actually sounds like the real thing.

Andy N, Wed 17th Dec 08.
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews


Pyrford Hall on Sat 23rd Aug 08

The Floyd Effect are without any doubt the best tribute band we have seen ... the music and vocals were perfection. All are remarkable and totally dedicated professionals, they came, they conquered and they delivered with perfection. A true tribute.

Jo Beckett, Thu 28th Aug 08.
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

The Floyd Effect are one of the very top Floyd tribute bands. From the first note of their opening track, Shine on You Crazy Diamond, right through to the last on the encore, they were exceptionally high class. From the dedication and perfection of their sound check they played a first set covering Fat Old Sun, Sheep, Another Brick In The Wall and Sorrow, to name a few, then on to a second set taken from the timeless Dark Side Of The Moon. All these complimented by first class vocals and musicianship. For you guys it's not a long journey to the top, and I will be there to see you.

Graham Pereira, Thu 28th Aug 08.
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

There are a great many Pink Floyd tribute bands gigging around the UK at the moment. Quite a few of them are full of competent musicians playing the right notes. But where the Floyd Effect score highly is that they also manage to capture the feel of the songs. Last night's gig was a rare chance to catch them in an intimate venue. They certainly gave value for money: two long sets covering much of the Floyd's extensive back catalogue. The band delivered the expected greatest hits package including songs such as Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Another Brick In The Wall, Wish You Were and Comfortably Numb, but also threw in some more unusual material such as Fat Old Sun and Sheep. Among the more recent Floyd tracks, Sorrow was a particular highlight. If you're looking for a Floyd tribute, the Floyd Effect are not to be missed.

Paul S, 24th Aug 08.
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect?page=reviews

Tribute Heaven

Norwich Playhouse, Norwich on Thu 1st May 08

Fantastic stuff, great musicians, great band, a refreshing change from the multitude of bad Floyd tributes bands that seem to be flooding the Pink Floyd tribute market out there. Looking forward to see more of these guys.

Spiralgallaxy, Aug 08.

Fantastic! Can't believe I only paid £12 to see such a great tribute band, they were spot on. It's clear to see that they have paid every attention to detail, their musical ability is second to none and they deserve the credibility that goes with that kind of territory.

Julie Carter, 2nd May 08.
Norwich Playhouse reviews (page now gone)

A must see for any Pink Floyd fan, they don't just play the tunes, unlike most of the other floyd tribs these guys actually sound like Pink Floyd, amazing vocals on In The Flesh in particular, I thought old Rog himself had entered the room. Excellent stuff, great atmosphere, I will definitely see them again, looks like those Aussie boys have got some serious competition here.

Jerry, Sun 4th May 08.
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect

They were absolutely fantastic, technically tight, it was plain too see they have paid every attention to detail as every good tribute band should. Hats off to these brave men and women to take on such a mammoth task and actually pull it off with what seemed like remarkable ease and obvious enjoyment (unlike so many other Floyd tribute bands out there!). Their obvious love of everything Floyd comes through with every song to a point where your hairs stand up on the back of your neck! I predict this band will go on to the top of tribute tree!

A music fan, Fri 2nd May 08
See http://www.lemonrock.com/floydeffect

Like the Floyd themselves

Churchill College Cambridge, on 20th Jun 07:

When The Floyd Effect perform Dark Side Of The Moon, it's like hearing it performed by the Floyd themselves.

June Event Committee, Wed 20th Jun 07.

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